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~ This Gallery celebrates my great Uncle, Hermon Atkins MacNeil an American classic sculptor of the Beaux Arts School.  He sculpted Native images and American history:  ~ World’s Fairs, statues, monuments, coins, and more…  ~ Over 300 stories (25 per page) in 10 pages. (Click on Next Page >> at bottom).  View thousands of photos from this virtual MacNeil Gallery.  It stretches from New York to New Mexico ~ Oregon to S. Carolina.   ~ 2016 marked the 150th Anniversary of Hermon MacNeil’s birth. ~ Hot-links ( lower right) lead to works by Hermon Atkins MacNeil.  ~~Do you WALK or DRIVE by MacNeil sculptures DAILY!  ~ CHECK OUT my Uncle Hermon’s works here!

Daniel Neil Leininger, webmaster

DO YOU walk by MacNeil Statues and NOT KNOW IT ???

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MacNeil Medallion of the

Standing Liberty Quarter  on eBay  photos  at right →  →

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While July 4th marks

the 248th Independence Day of the

United States,

we have seen turbulent times

BEFORE in our history…


  * Today is Wednesday, July 3.  On this day in:

H.A. MacNeil’s General George Washington with Flags (U.S. and POW/MIA) ~ Washington Arch Greenwich, NYC (Photo courtesy of: Gibson Shell – 2011)

1775: George Washington assumed command of Continental Army in Cambridge, Mass.

1778: American Revolutionary War ~ 360 settlers were killed by British loyalists and Iroquois warriors in Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania. The attack was part of the British campaign to disrupt frontier settlements.

1856: The U.S. House of Representatives voted on the Topeka Constitution, which was a resolution to admit Kansas to statehood as an antislavery territory. The vote faced immense opposition from the existing pro-slavery territorial government and the U.S. Senate.

** Source below NY Daily News

1863: The Battle of Gettysburg ended as Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee tried to break the Union line with several attacks, including the disastrous last-ditch effort known as ‘Pickett’s Charge.’ Over 7,000 Confederate soldiers were captured or killed within an hour of that charge. Lee retreated a day later. The Battle of Gettysburg was considered the turning point in the American Civil War.

1884: Dow Jones & Co., the world’s first stock index, launched as  published its first stock average. The index was composed of nine railroads and two industrial companies.

1890: Idaho was admitted to the Union as the 43rd state. President Abraham Lincoln originally established  Idaho territory in 1863 after thousands of prospective miners settled in the area during the Gold Rush.


SO …

May GOD continue to bless the

United States of America

even in our TURBULENT Times

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

* Source:  Hoang Tran, USA TODAY Network

** PHOTO of MacNeil’s Confederate Defenders: NY Daily News — http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/statue-honoring-confederacy-defaced-charleston-park-article-1.2266043

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Carol MacNeil died Eighty years ago today  ~

Carol Brooks MacNeil died on June 22, 1944

in Jamacia (Queens) Hospital.

  • Newspapers in New York and the Chicago Daily Times “all acknowledged her standing in the rarified realm of female sculptors.” 
  • Congregational services were held in the MacNeil home. 
  • Carol’s cremains were transported to the family plot in Massachusetts
  • There in Woodlawn Cemetery she was interred beside their beloved daughter, Joie Katherine MacNeil

Death of Carol “Carrie” Brooks MacNeil. 

During her months of declining health, Carol was nursed at home by her family and Cecelia, a home nurse. As Carol’s condition worsened, the needs exceeded the home-care options of the day.  She was admitted to the Jamaica (Queens) Hospital.  Carol Brooks MacNeil died there on June 22, 1944. Newspapers in New York and the Chicago Daily Times “all acknowledged her standing in the rarefied realm of female sculptors.”  Congregational services were held in the MacNeil home.  Carol’s body was cremated and her remains  transported to the family plot in Massachusetts at Woodlawn Cemetery to be interred with those of Joie. 

“The 50 year Partnership


‘the Sculptors MacNeil’

had come to a close”

            Hermon MacNeil Alone.   Now Hermon must have felt an emptiness without Carol in his life, home, and studio.  With Carol MacNeil’s death, their fifty-year partnership as the “Sculptors MacNeil” had ended.  Their connection had begun five decades earlier in the White City” of the Chicago World’s Fair, continued through their years of training in the city of Rome and in the city of Paris, matured in the kind-of-a-city of Queens, NY, and the not-quite-so-city of College Point.   

For the next two years Hermon MacNeil continued to live alone in his College Point home.   Next door was the stone Studio building where he and Carol had sculpted together through the years of their marriage.  Now he was alone in their no-longer-shared home and studio.

Postcard of MacNeil studio in College Point. From the webmaster’s collection.

Cecelia Muench, RN, continued to care for him there.  She had been his visiting nurse since 1941, when she helped him through a heart ailment.  She also painted with Carrie and Hermon entering into the family of the sculptor her father had introduced her to at The Sun Vow on her 12 birthday.

A widow herself now, Cecelia accompanied Hermon to various gatherings of family, friends, and colleagues. 


Carol Brooks MacNeil






Carol Brooks MacNeil



Related Images:

The “Pony Express” statue in St. Joseph, Missouri  was dedicated in 1940.

Hermon MacNeil turned 74 that February 27th. He posed for newspaper photos sitting on the statue base.

The statue appears to be un-mounted on its massive pedestal base. 

  • Was this photo taken at the foundry before shipping? 
  • Or maybe at St. Joe before being erected on the pedestal base? 
  • WE don’t know!
  • BUT the sculptor seems proud and relaxed aside his historic tribute! 

The authentic saddle & mail bags were consistent with Dr. S. M. Strong’s  replicas which were Hermon patterns.  And of course , “Poncho Villa”, the Doctor’s rescued rodeo mustang. after.

Twenty years later (1960), was the Centennial of the first Pony Express ride.  That year the  US Post Office issued a Commemorative 4 Cent stamp, as pictured below:    

  • Because the PONY EXPRESS became an established ICON and growing legend. 
  • St. Jo, MO took the iconic “horse and rider” as a SYMBOL for the city itself. 
  • They have continued that identity to the present day, though 164 years have passed. 

RIDE ON, O’ symbol of American history.  Your sculptor has brought you to life at your starting gate of iconic legend. 



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By William Henry Jackson – SOURCE: https://www.loc.gov/resource/g4051p.tr000013/, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10111804

ThePony Express ran for only 18 months, but has become an



Hermon MacNeil’s “Pony Express”

is ALSO  an ICON

marking Saint Joseph, Missouri, as “Station One.”

on the 1900 mile route of 190 Stations

stretching to Sacramento, California.


<=<= <= AAA World

<=<=travel  magazine.

This summer features a Missouri State Travel Ad with Hermon’s Statue of “Pancho Villa” the outlaw Dakota Mustang of Bill Cody’s Wild West Rodeo! 

AND LAMBERT’s  (home of  ‘Throwed Rolls’) in Branson, Missouri a special place to eat

… and catch ‘throwed’ Rolls (click here)

MORE Pony Express NEXT TIME …


Hermon MacNeil’s “Pony Express” or “Pancho Villa” Rides Again!


Attention to Detail ~ “The Pony Express” ~ by H. A. MacNeil

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  2. Pony Express Hood Ornament (19) On a rainy day recently I visited MacNeil’s Pony Express…
  3. Attention to Detail ~ “The Pony Express” ~ by H. A. MacNeil (17.9) On first viewing, the sculptures of Hermon MacNeil express amazing…

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is the theme of the

 United States Supreme Court 

~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~

“Justice the Guardian of Liberty”

are the words under Hermon MacNeil’s


To see Hermon MacNeil’s sculpture walk to

the back of the SUPREME COURT Building


May 16, 1932 Note regarding the East Pediment Inscription The text, in the hand of Charles Evans Hughes, reads, I rather prefer “Justice the Guardian of Liberty””

~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~

 “Equal Justice Under the Law”

are the words under Robert Aitken’s


~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~


“Equal Justice Under the Law”

“Justice the Guardian of Liberty”

These are just two ways that Beaux Arts

Sculptors sought to preserve JUSTICE

for the PEOPLE  in our “CITY BEAUTIFUL”

Washington, D. C.

Let’s Hope Our Nine Justices do their Part for  Justice in years to come!

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MacNeil  Projects


 in MARCH  2024 

The month of March has flown by with NO NEW Postings on this sight! 

That violates my commitment as Webmaster of

https://hermonatkinsmacneil.com/    SO . . .


  1. ~ I have been busy with another MacNeil project.  Namely, writing PART TWO of the summary of Jim Haas’ book: Hermon Atkins MacNeil: American Sculptor in the Broad, Bright Daylight.
  2. ~ Vicki Sanders Corporan, editor of the GALLEY, the official publication of the Clan MacNeil Association of America. published PART ONE in the FALL/WINTER 2023, Issue #67, pp. 20-29.  Those pages are posted HERE:
  3.  ~ I have been conversing with Jim Haas as he continues his MacNeil Research.  He seems to have an inexhaustible motivation to write and research.  What a marvel he is.

~ PART TWO of the summary will appear in the




Page photos and text will be poster here

in coming weeks.

so “PAT” at Patten Gym

Says stay tuned to


“PAT” at Patten Gym of Northwestern University, Evansville, IL


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Today marks the 164th Anniversary of the birth of my Grandfather Thomas A. McNeil born February 29, 1860.

As a Leapster, he was born 41 Actual Birthdays ago.


are born on

Leap Day,

February 29th

Tom McNeil was an older cousin of Hermon Atkins MacNeil

1884 Michigan Wolverines Football Team — Quarterback Tom Henry MacNeil is seated front center holding a ball.


Thomas H. McNeil (February 29, 1860 – October 1, 1932) was an American football player and lawyer. He was the first University of Michigan football player to be the starting quarterback in consecutive years. He led the Michigan football team to undefeated seasons in 1884 and 1885.  

1885 Michigan Wolverines Football Team — Quarterback Tom Henry MacNeil is seated second from the left holding a ball. A rugby style ball was used, but no forward passes were allowed


He later became a lawyer practicing in Missouri.

McNeil was born near Burdette, Bates County, Missouri, in 1860. McNeil attended the University of Michigan where he graduated from the Literary Department in 1885 and the Law Department in 1886. While attending Michigan, he was the starting quarterback for the 1884 and 1885 Michigan Wolverines football teams. He was the first player to be Michigan’s starting quarterback in consecutive years. During his two years at quarterback, Michigan was undefeated. The 1884 team compiled a 2–0 record and outscored its opponents by a combined score of 36 to 10. The center on the 1884, snapping the ball to McNeil, was Henry Killilea, one the five men who founded baseball’s American League. McNeil led the 1885 team to a 3–0 record, with the team outscoring its opponents by a combined score of 82 to 0. During the time when McNeil was Michigan’s starting quarterback, the forward pass was not permitted and the ball (pictured at McNeil’s side in photograph to the right) was round, bearing a stronger resemblance to a rugby ball than a modern American football. After graduating from Michigan, McNeil began practicing law at Kansas City, Missouri. In January 1901, McNeil became a lawyer in the Claims Department of the Kansas City Railways Company, a position he held for more than 21 years. In later years, he was responsible for making accident reports to the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Public Service Commission of Missouri. At the time of his 21st anniversary with the company, the Railwayan noted:

“The life of Tom McNeil has been a success because he has possessed the three necessary qualifications — honest, industry and a vision for the future. His word is as sacred as his signed contract. He is always the first to arrive at his office in the morning and never fails to accomplish a full day’s work. … It is too bad that such men as Tom H. McNeil of such sterling worth and integrity cannot live forever.”

In addition to his legal career, McNeil was a member and leader in the Knights of Pythias, a fraternal organization and secret society founded in 1864. He served as the 30th Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Pythias from 1899 to 1900. He died in 1932.   [SOURCE:  https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/62575584/thomas-henry-mcneil ]


This closes our MacNeil Month Celebration for 2024

Thank you for visiting !


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FEBRUARY  27TH,  1866


His Life,  Story,  Artistry,  Heritage,  Legacy,

and Commemoration of American History

are ALL told here on:


Jo Davidson’s unique tribute bust of his teacher Hermon Atkins MacNeil. [bronze, 1945]

Thank You for your visit!  DNL


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Lady Liberty at the Flushing WWI Monument


Hermon’s  Valentines:

The feminine faces in Hermon MacNeil’s sculptures seem to share a similarity. 

Their features could be said to create an appearance that could be called:

Hermon’s Ideal

What do you think?

Here is a gallery of some images that have appeared on this website since 2010.



MORE  FACES  from  MacNeil’s mind . . .


“Intellectual Development” at Northwestern University, Patten Gymnasium in Evanston, Illinois, 1916.  Nicknamed by students as “Pat.”  Her companion was dubbed “Gym” as in Patten Gym.


“Pat” or “Intellectual Development” holds a scepter bearing the initial “N,” as in Northwestern, with the owl poised for flight in front of Patten Gym.

“Pat” (above) or “Intellectual Development” holds a scepter bearing the initial “N” as in Northwestern, with the owl poised for flight in front of Patten Gym.

Her companion figure: Jim (Gym) “Physical Development” to her right.

“Physical Development” or “Jim,” in front of Patten Gym at Northwestern University.




“Peace & Prosperity” at McKinley Memorial


Lady Liberty: World War Memorial at Flushing, NY


The 2 models for the Standing Liberty Quarter as Cecelia MacNeil published the story after Hermon’s death.

Two women modeled for the Liberty Standing Quarter: Doris Dascher Baum & Irene MacDowell, a neighbor and wife of Hermon’s tennis partner.

MacNeil’s entry to the ‘Pioneer Woman’ memorial at Ponca City, OK.

“Soldiers and Sailors Memorial” at Albany, New York.  The Civil War Monument


Charleston SC figure behind ‘Confederate Defenders’ at Harbor Point.


MacNeil’s “Confederate Defenders” photo signed to Charles Curren by Hermon  in 1931 =

CAROL BROOKS MACNEIL,  Hermon Atkins MacNeil (American, 1866-1947) No Date Bronzed plaster 14.5″ x 8″ x 7.5″ Signed: H. A. MACNEIL. Photo by JOEL ROSENKRANZ 1986 (#5430)


Happy Valentines Day  2024

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Every February  here at


is MacNeil Month


Hermon Atkins MacNeil about the time of his Standing Liberty work.

February 27th, 1866

IS Uncle Hermon Atkins MacNeil’s Birthday is — 158 years ago, and


Thomas (Tom) Henry McNeil (1860 – 1932)


February 29th, 1866 . . .

IS THE Birthday of

My grandfather, Thomas Henry McNeil  who was born on a “Leap Day,”  — February 29th

Now 2024, will mark the  42nd “Leap Day” since Tom Henry McNeil’s birth 164 years ago. 

Review of Webmaster’s Activity

in 2023 (with hot links)

  1. Since MacNeil Month 2023, we have added 32 postings to the website here at hermonatkinsmacneil.com
  2. These have included over 130 photos, many are new
  3. Travelled to Ponca City, Oklahoma, and
  4. Visited the mansion of E. W. Marland there.
  5. Photographed “The Pioneer Woman” entry of Hermon MacNeil.
  6. photographed the entries of other sculptors.
  7. Photographed the Marland Studio there.
  8. Saw Jo Davidson’s marble sculptures of the Marland family.
  9. Purchased the bronze roundet “Black Pipe the Sioux at Six Teen Years”.

    An Example of Hermon MacNeil’s EARLIEST Sculpture …

  10. Jay Cline Postings:   #1 — #4
    1. #4 ~ Jay Cline: Praised by Many after His Passing

    2. #3 Jay CLINE ~ A kind Collector with a Big Heart!

    3. #2: An Evening with Jay H. Cline ~ 2010 ~ Expert on MacNeil’s S.L.Q. ~ Signed His 4th Edition!

    4. #1 ~ Jay H. Cline ~ Loved the Standing Liberty Quarter ~
  11. AND dozens of other updates to this website.

Examples of Hermon MacNeil’s FIRST and LAST Sculpture …

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“The  GALLEY”  has  arrived.


President Kenny McNeil on GALLEY #67 cover

MacNeil Clan Members world-wide are receiving the newest issue of  The GALLEY in their mail.

Pages 20-29 contain a ten page Feature Article on the Hermon MacNeil Biography.

This is the 1st-half of my summary of Jim Haas’ biography of Hermon MacNeil.  The 2nd-half will appear in the SPRING/SUMMER 2024 issue (#68).  

  Photos of his early life have been gathered.


Part Two of my summary will be

featured in the forthcoming Spring/Summer volume. 

The GALLEY subscription is included in the $40  annual membership in the Clan MacNeil. (or in the auto-renewal membership)


Kinship in the MacNeil Family is not required for membership OR receiving


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  3. “THE GALLEY” will feature a Two Part summary of the Hermon MacNeil Biography.. (8.7)        Happy New Year      2024 will welcome a…
  4. MacNeil’s Albany Monument ~ Winter Update (7.4) The Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Albany, NY   Joel…
  5. Hermon MacNeil’s bronze bust of Evangelist Dwight L. Moody (1920) ~ “We Found It, Uncle Hermon!” (6.6)   At age 78 Hermon MacNeil wrote an autobiographical sketch…
  6. February 27, 2021 – We”ll Unveil the Newly Discovered Portrait Bust of Hermon A. MacNeil by Jo Davidson on Hermon’s Birthday (6.6) ~~ MacNeil Month – February 27, 2021 ~~ FIFTH Story…

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       Happy New Year   


2024 will welcome a new issue of


THE GALLEY, (issue #47, for Fall/Winter 2023) arrives in January 2024.  It will feature a summary of the first half of the recent biography of Hermon Atkins MacNeil.  This book, (researched, written, and published) by James Haas has been previewed several times here since its release in November 2022.

THE GALLEY is the official magazine of the Clan MacNeil Association of America edited by Vicki Sanders Corporon.  As a teen she assisted her mother, Nellie McNeill Sanders, who was then Editor.  Ever since, they continued the mother/daughter labors leading to Vicki following her mother as Editor. 

Under Vicki’s watch  THE GALLEY has grown into a bound full-color volume published semi-annually.  It is mailed world-wide to all members  of the Association as a privilege of membership.

MEMBERSHIP:  You may join the Clan MacNeil Association (CLICK HERE)  with or without kinship.  You will enjoy receiving and reading  THE GALLEY.

GALLEY of Spring/ Summer 2014

My upcoming articles are the fourth and fifth that I have written for THE GALLEY. 1, 2, 3.    Part 2 will condense the second half of Haas’ book and be featured in the Spring/Summer issue of THE GALLEY. 

I enjoy writing for THE GALLEY and working with Vicki Corporon.  Many factors contribute to that pleasure:

  • Our travel through Scotland and Isle of Barra in 2014 has generated tremendous knowledge, imagery, and appreciation for my Scottish heritage (MacNeil and McKay).
  • My 14 years as Webmaster of this website has allowed me to produce nearly 300 postings.  My reading, research, photography, and travel have become my retirement career.
  • My collaboration with James E. Haas through these years AND his continued research and publication of the Hermon MacNeil Biography  have produced parallel research heightening public interest and awareness of  Hermon Atkins MacNeil.

    Roger Bow with his MacNeil Medallion at the MacNeil Flushing Memorial NYC (8-23-2020)

  • I’ve spent the last decade traveling and photographing monuments, statues, and  geography associated with MacNeil’s life and accumulated a database of resources for my writing.
  • Through the website, I have met so many MacNeil descendants and enthusiasts (I call them my “Friends of https://HermonAtkinsMacNeil.com)
  • My minting of the MacNeil Medallion commemorative in 2016 has increased knowledge and enthusiasm for Hermon Atkins MacNeil, the Standing Liberty Quarter. 
  • 2016 MacNeil Medallion marking the 150th Anniversary the birth of Hermon A. MacNeil. Commissioned by our webmaster, these numbered medals are available on eBay.  


    2016 MacNeil Medallion marking the 15th Anniversary of his birth. Available on eBay.


Articles in THE GALLEY by the Webmaster. ___

  1. Daniel Neil Leininger, “Clan MacNeil Connections and Hermon Atkins MacNeil.” THE GALLEY, SPRING/SUMMER 2014; Vol.VI, No. 48, Pages 1, 15-21.
  2. Daniel Neil Leininger, “100 Years Ago in New York City, Relatives United to Form the Clan MacNeil Association of America.” THE GALLEY, SPRING/SUMMER 2021; Vol.VI, No. 62, Pages 14-20.
  3. Daniel Neil Leininger, “Kisimul Castle: Centennial Stories”. THE GALLEY, FALL/WINTER 2021; Vol.VI, No. 63, Pages 12-22.

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  6. Hermon MacNeil’s bronze bust of Evangelist Dwight L. Moody (1920) ~ “We Found It, Uncle Hermon!” (5.6)   At age 78 Hermon MacNeil wrote an autobiographical sketch…

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Christmas Eve 2024 marks the 128th Anniversary of the Wedding of the “Sculptors MacNeil.” 

On Christmas Eve 1895, Hermon Atkins MacNeil and Carol Louise Brooks were joined in marriage in Chicago. 

WE have told their wedding story here dozens of times.  

Click this LINK TO READ those many postings.

  • See their Marriage License from Christmas Eve,
  • Read their Reception Invitation from Christmas Day,
  • See WHERE the reception was Held,
  • See how the County Clerk wrote “Carol” as bride:
  • But Pastor Williams wrote “Carrie” on the license, (He knew her nickname !)
  • Read how the “News” was published in so many papers.


at HermonAtkinsMacNeil.com/

and have yourself

a Merry, Happy, Bless-ed Christmas season

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~ MacNeil Bust Exhibited in 1984 ~

Months after we unveiled the Hermon MacNeil bust in 2021,

I received word that this unique piece

was exhibited 

ONLY ONCE in its

75 year history.











In 1945 Jo Davidson modeled this bust of his teacher and had it cast in bronze.  It remains a UNIQUE piece ~~ meaning “one and only,

one of a kind

NO OTHER Castings

Were ever made”

This “sui generis” likeness of

Hermon Atkins MacNeil

was purchased in 2021 from the Estate of Jo Davidson through Joel Rosenkranz of Conner~Rosenkranz, of New York City.

On Fri, Jun 4, 2021, Joel sent the following:

Hi Dan –

I hope you have been well. I recently was looking through a key reference in American sculpture and came across the entry for the Davidson MacNeil which the Davidson Estate loaned to the Newark Museum many years ago for a survey exhibition on bronzes. I thought you would like to have this reference for your files.



I replied as follows:


We are well and entering into life and travel in more usual ways. 

Thank you for this document scan. I appreciate more history of this MacNeil bust. I will print it out and will study it over the weekend. 

It seems ironic that this little known portrait bust was used to illustrate a bio page of Jo Davidson. There are 100s of other candidates that could illustrate Jo’s life and work but his first teacher becomes the “show & tell” model for Jo Davidson’s work and style of portraits. 

I am enjoying having “Hermon” in our living room on a regular basis. I showed him to friends and posted this “icon” on my website for the world to SEE.

Greatly appreciate your continued support of my MacNeil obsession. Also, expanding my knowledge of the Davidson—MacNeil interface raises my understanding to exponential levels. >>>

“Your love and work with Beaux Arts and your “calling” with Janis to represent the Davidson Estate form a strong testimony to the love, passion, and talent of so many of these sculptors who are easily forgotten in the “modern “ era of abstractions offered as art.  (Forgive my bias to realism).”

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  2. New Year Discovery: Another Bust by H. A. MacNeil (7.6) As we begin the New Year of 2021, we have…
  3. MacNeil Bust of Lincoln Stored in Vault (7.5) Hermon Atkins MacNeil would probably be amused to know that…
  4. Hermon MacNeil’s bust of “Lawyer Lincoln” Returns for its second century on the Illinois Circuit (7.2) Hermon MacNeil’s bronze bust of self-educated Illinois Lawyer Abe Lincoln…
  5. MacNeil’s Bust of John Stewart Kennedy ~ 100 Years Ago ~ THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY (7.1)  A BRIEF NOTE from the Webmaster:  “We did not discover…
  6. Hermon MacNeil’s bronze bust of Evangelist Dwight L. Moody (1920) ~ “We Found It, Uncle Hermon!” (6.8)  

Related Images:

After the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, MacNeil had a studio in the Marquette Building.  Black Pipe modeled and helped him there.  Hermon said that BLACK PIPE …

…  stayed with me in all for a year and a half, helping me with odd jobs about the studio.

MacNeil Comments on

Black Pipe: 29 years after …

in an interview with J. W. McSpadden in 1922

MACNEIL: “Yes, and you may find it an interesting yarn. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show had been in Chicago during the Fair, and one of his braves was Black Pipe, a Sioux, a fine-looking fellow. He had stayed behind, and one day I met him on the streets, looking hungry and cold, and asked him if he wanted something to do. He did there was no doubt about that. I took him into the studio, fed him up, and then set to work modeling his head. I finished it in four hours, for I was not sure that I would ever see my Indian again; but he stayed with me in all for a year and a half, helping me with odd jobs about the studio. That’s his head there.”

It was a life-size bronze, which he indicated, not done in full relief but resting on a plaque a strong piece of portraiture.

Black Pipe later became the model for “Primitive Indian Music,” also known as “The Primitive Chant” and “The Primitive Chant to the Great Spirit.”

As posted last Month on October 8, 2023, Black Pipe was a model for multiple statues and reliefs. 

Because Black Pipe was among “white folks” long enough to not be superstitious about being photographed and modeled in clay, he became a studio helper, model, and regular for over a year.

‘The Primitive Chant” … is one of my best-known Indian subjects.” MacNeil

Black Pipe became the model for “Primitive Indian Music,” also known as “The Primitive Chant,” and the “The Primitive Chant to the Great Spirit.”

This is the spirited figure of a naked savage dancing to the music of his own flute. It has been widely copied in art prints.

Source: Joseph Walker McSpadden, Famous Sculptors of America, (New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1924) pp. 311-12

In reviewing “The Primitive Chant to the Great Spirit,” Lorado Taft praised MacNeil’ sculptural work and composition YET CRITICIZED how a warrior chanting into his elbow could be called “MUSIC ?”  MACNEIL, by contract knew that Native American dances, such as  “The Prayer for Rain” of the Hopi’s or the “Moque Runner” were acts of devotion to the Creator Spirit.

MacNeil’s exposure to the life of Native Tribes appreciated their AWE, WONDER, and WORSHIP embedded in such Ritual Actions.

See Taft’s critique from this April 25, 2012 posting:

Part 1: “The Primitive Chant to the Great Spirit” Hermon A. MacNeil~Sculptor of the American West

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I RECEIVED AN EMAIL on September 24, 2023 FROM:

Kevin James Kirby in California

Dear Mr. Leininger, 

Greetings from California. I would like to thank you for your excellent website on the artist Hermon A. MacNeil. I found the information therein both interesting and helpful.


That said, the real reason why I am writing is to alert you to the fact that I am about to sell a

very rare 1894 bronze sculpture of

Black Pipe.

It is only the second presently known to be in existence
(the other being well documented

on your website).

To this, I replied the next morning that I was VERY interested in purchasing this rare MacNeil piece.

Later I received a response from Kevin:

Good morning Mr. Leininger,

Thank you for your reply. And how fortuitous that Black Pipe is so present in your thoughts!

My wife (PhD in art history ) and I (Bachelor of Science in sculpture) are both keen enthusiasts of art and history.

We have read almost all the associated literature, and have discussed this piece with various academics and institutions.

Indeed, Black Pipe’s is an incredible origin story — as is MacNeil’s.



As part of our private research, I have also been in direct contact with the

Lakota Sioux Nation at Standing Rock.

I was lucky enough to visit the Reservation in 2020,

and inquire directly about Black Pipe.

There I met an elder who remembered hearing about Black Pipe, who apparently was a member of the Rosebud Reservation, just south of Standing Rock.

However, unfortunately, the timing of the pandemic
necessitated the closure of the reservations, and

prevented further research;

and I have been unable to return since.

Needless to say, the story embodied within

this sculpture is  close to my heart!

And it is not lightly that I let go this artwork to a new owner. 

However, as our private collection grows, it moves in new directions…


Kevin packed up this


BLACKPIPE THE SIOUX: Carefully packed by Kevin Kirby and ready for shipment to SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota.


NOW … MACNEIL’s 1st bronze ~ BLACKPIPE ~

rests proudly Between a mini



and a mini of Jo Davidson’s FDR

With Jo Davidson’s “unique bronze bust”

of his first studio teacher


looking on from the other side.



BLACK PIPE (1894) and PONY EXPRESS (1940)

ARE MACNEIL’S alpha & omega

of bronze works …

They are side by side now.


James Kirby comments:

Wonderful to see Black Pipe

“in pride of place”

(as my British wife says)

properly ensconced in your

impressive collection!

Thank you for sharing these photos with us.

ALL very happy!




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This website has found the


Roundels in existence.

BLACK PIPE #1 – Found by this website in 2017 Made in 1894

BLACK PIPE #2 – Found by this website in 2022Made in 1894












THE EAST COAST (Massachusetts);


THE WEST COAST (California)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Below is the 2017 Story of Discovering


123 Year old Bas Relief of “Black Pipe The Sioux at Six Teen Years” has been reported to www.HermonAtkinsMacNeil.com

The next post tells the 2022 Story of

The Discovery of


⇓  ⇓  ⇓  ⇓  ⇓  ⇓ 

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After 130 years, Black Pipe, the Sioux, has returned to South Dakota, on “Native American Day” ~ ~ now “Indigenous Peoples Day.”

“BLACK PIPE, THE SIOUX, AT SIX TEEN YEARS.” These words are what MacNeil wrote on this bronze roundlette, a bas-relief, circa 1894.

This piece, one of only two known to exist,  [CLICK HERE for the other]

dates to 1894 and was possibly cast in bronze by its sculptor:

    Hermon MacNeil

     Now it resides in


       at the home of the webmaster.


Hermon MacNeil’s BLACK PIPE work was a product of lean days.  Following the closing of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, both artists and Fair workers had tough times.   In 1894, Hermon found himself “stranded” in Chicago. 

For a while, he earned meals in exchange for drawing sketches of patrons in a Chicago restaurant.  (He learned that livelihood while traveling  through France years before). Eventually, his prospects would begin to improve. 

Fifty years later after a lifetime of sculpting, remembering that era of his life, he wrote:

“I finished my work at the “Chicago Fair” and it (The Fair) was a great success.  The best combination of buildings in the then prevalent classic style, ever put together for any Fair.

I took a small studio in Chicago and tried to see if I could make a go of it.  C. F. Browne was also stranded there and I invited him to share the studio with me.  During that year (evenings) I was asked to teach sculpture and drawing in the School of the Art Institute and also had the good fortune to have four bas-reliefs to do illustrating the life of Pere Marquette.”   [Autobiographical Sketch, Hermon Atkins MacNeil, June 1943, page 5.]

The Indian had caught Hermon’s fancy.  Beginning with Buffalo Bill Cody’s “Wild West Show” just outside the gate of the Chicago Fair, MacNeil saw Cody’s dramatic spectacle many times.  He always carried a sketch book and drew whatever he saw. 

Black Pipe later became the model for Primitive Indian Music.


One day walking down Adams Street, Hermon recognized a really long haired Indian looking down and out walking along the sidewalk.  He looked hungry and cold.  Hermon had sketched many Indians while attending Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show. 

“So I stopped and chatted with him and found he was stranded.”  Mac brought him to the studio, warmed him, fed him and began modeling him.  In four hours, MacNeil had made a full head profile relief, and titled it Black Pipe, the Sioux at Six Teen Years.

 Like many other artists of the time, Hermon sculpted what he saw.  This Indian had indeed “caught his fancy.” 


Chicago. In fact, 1985, in general, had been a productive year for the sculptor. MacNeil had found Black Pipe, (the Sioux from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show), cold and hungry on the streets of Chicago.  He took him in as studio help and a model for future sculptures.   That vision of Black Pipe remained in Hermon’s artistic memory and appeared again many times.

For October 2023,


will be the featured theme of

upcoming posts


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Since 2010 this website has been dedicated to

perpetuating the Legacy of

Hermon Atkins MacNeil 

#      #     #      #      #

Jay H. Cline

 has been a majorly contributor

to that  Legacy


  1. He literally wrote the book on The Standing Liberty Quarter.
  2. That book became “the collector’s Bible” for that mintage. 
  3. Through four Editions (between 1975 1nd 2007) he updated, expanded, and refined his research.
  4. He ran J. H. Cline Rare Coins specializing in the The Standing Liberty Quarter for more that forty years.
  5. No other numismatist has devoted as much research, writing, publication, and business practice to the knowledge, identification and appreciation of Hermon MacNeil’s creative design.
  6. A Row of Liberty Standing Quarters is our LEAD Header.
  7. This is our 4th Posting in August 2023 telling some of the story of this amazing Numismatist. 

Jay H. Cline

After his death …

Over a 100 messages of condolence from collectors

were posted on the

Collectors Universe Website

Many who met JAY expressed their sorrow.

Many who never met him shared condolences.

Many more had only met him through his book on the SLQ.

ALL felt a sorrow and void with loss of a dedicated expert.


  • I’m shocked and this is hard to believe. Last I saw him he was in good shape and animated; looked like he had 10-20 years more before retirement. 
  • I met him only once but he was a genuinely nice guy and easy to talk to.  Condolences to the family.
  • Sad news. Jay had a coin shop in Dayton Ohio for years. … Miss his coin stories!  RIP Jay.
  • My sympathies to Mr. Cline’s family. image
  • Immediately thought of the dealer with the Top Hat and Standing Liberty Quarters. Rest in Peace! >>
  • Find a Hundred more at CUW


FYI.  BELOW IS one of my previous postings on MacNeil’s Liberty Standing Quarter. 

MacNeil’s masterpiece still circulated during my childhood.  Below is my childhood story:

Collecting the Standing Liberty Quarter – Part One

The Standing Liberty Quarter

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“Ohioans shut down an effort to make it harder to amend Ohio’s state constitution. Future state constitutional amendments will still pass with a simple majority, rather than the 60 percent threshold that Issue 1 proposed. Abortion-rights activists saw Issue 1’s defeat as a victory, with a November abortion-rights vote on the horizon in the Buckeye State.”   Zach Montellaro, National political reporter”. from POLITICO [https://www.politico.com/2023-election/results/ohio/ballot-measures/] Retrieved on Aug. 11, 2023,

McKinley VIEWS:

  • “I am for America because America is for the common people.”   1 ~ William McKinley
  • “The mission of the United States is one of benevolent assimilation. ~ William McKinley, December 21, 1898.   https://www.azquotes.com/quote/1224569
  • “Unlike any other nation, here the people rule, and their will is the supreme law.”  ~ William McKinley

The Statue of Wm. McKinley stands in front of the Ohio Capitol looking out over the city of Columbus. I always marvel at MacNeil’s works all over the U.S. of A.



  1. 1 America, People, Common; McKinley, William (1893). “Speeches and addresses of William McKinley, from his election to Congress to the present time.”, p.194, Best Books
  2. https://www.azquotes.com/author/9869-William_McKinley

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  2023                        In the previous post, about Jay Cline,   

his kindness & graciousness

are quite evident.

Don Becker commented years after their meeting:

  “We had a fun dinner visiting,

maybe three hours.

We were worn out.

                   ~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~.

On July 22, 2010:   After He and Don Becker made plans to meet at the Boston American Numismatic Association meeting.

Jay also reached out to me by email.

 Emails with Jay Cline …

“My name is J. H. Cline,  and Don Becker  contacted you about me.  I am the man who wrote a book about the quarters Hermon MacNeil designed for the U.S. government.  I have specialized in 1916-1930 quarters since 1976, and have a collection of memorabilia related to Mr. MacNeil.  I am a full-time coin dealer in Florida at this time, although I  did business in Ohio for many years prior to my move down here.”

“Don and I are tentatively scheduled to meet for the first time, in Boston, on August 13th.  I look forward to spending some time with him.  I think he told me you are his first cousin?”

“Don tells me you are constructing a website.  I would like to see some of your work and would appreciate the web address when it is complete.    Where did you study?  What are your favored subjects?”

“Please reply when you have the opportunity to do so.”

J. H. Cline    

On Jul 22, 2010: I wrote back to Jay Cline mentioning:

  • That Don and I made a 40 minute presentation to about 50 family members about his collecting of SLQs since his teen years and I introduced the website giving Jay a link to it?: https://hermonatkinsmacneil.com/
  • That the website was just 3 months old.  I posted about Jay’s book, reviews, order details and  SLQ images.  LINK
  • That I Learned about “Uncle Hermon” from my mother.  Her comments about my resemblance to her father (Hermon’s cousin), Tom Henry McNeil.  I shared how my McNeil \MacNeil heritage had became the impetus for this website ~ a virtual MacNeil Gallery ~ his works across USA.
  • That the Fourth Edition of  The Standing Liberty Quarter excelled.  “Your work is the best source I have found so far on the life of Hermon Atkins MacNeil.”
  • That my own life work and family history, included engineering, ministry, teaching and chaplaincy.
  • That all these seeds have grown as I approach retirement.  I planned to travel and  photograph all the MacNeil sculptures and art that I can find.  [ The website has been a documentary of that since 2010. ]
  • Lastly, “Here’s my Wild Hair idea!  ~ 2016 is the 100th anniversary of the first SLQ, as well as, the 150 anniversary of the birth of Hermon Atkins MacNeil. “Does someone like yourself have ideas on how to mark and celebrate that year?”          Dan Leininger

Later, Jay Cline wrote back:

Hello Dan,

It was so nice to hear back from you so quickly.  I am  headed out to St. Louis for a convention, but when I return, I will take the time to carefully look over the website.  I look forward to doing that on Monday/Tuesday?

[ He gave me permission to use images from his website ]

Re: “Wild Hair”.  I’ll have to think about that.  Yes, I am life member #547 with the ANA, so I do have an opportunity to bend a few ears that could result in an anniversary project.  I’ll ask around and share the feedback with you.  We DO have time – although 2016 will be here before you blink!  I choose to work full-time through my retirement, and the days fly by.

I’ll be in touch next week.


My Emails with Jay Cline ended there!


Jay Cline (from http://www.slqs.com/ )

Jay was right…

“the days did fly by”

until 2015 when I saw

this obituary …

J.H. Cline, of Palm Harbor, Fla., died Jan. 8, 2015, from injuries suffered in an accident.

He was owner of J.H. Cline Rare Coins. Mr. Cline specialized in Standing Liberty quarter dollars for more than 40 years.

In 1975 he published Standing Liberty Quarters. The fourth edition of the book was published in 2007.

Mr. Cline “began collecting coins in high school with a few Indian Head cents. His first Standing Liberty Quarter was a severely cleaned 1918-S from a friend who asked the great sum of 35¢ for the coin. He bought that piece in the early 1950’s,” his website states.

Mr. Cline is survived by his wife, Vicki, two daughters, and three sons.

Mrs. Cline told Coin World that per her husband’s instructions, “a private memorial service may be held at a later date.”

Mr. Cline began his full-time career in numismatics in 1964. He spent 31 years operating his own coin shop, Cline’s Rare Coins on Salem Avenue in Dayton, Ohio, before moving to Palm Harbor.

Mr. Cline was a life member of the American Numismatic Association. He was also a member of the Indiana State Numismatic Association, National Silver Dollar Roundtable, Florida United Numismatists, Central States Numismatic Society, and other coin clubs.

Source: Retrieved from World Coin News   https://www.coinworld.com/news/us-coins/longtime-coin-dealer-j-h-cline-dies.html

Saddened by that news, I went ahead

with plans for my Wild Hair idea! … the

Hermon Atkins MacNeil Medallion

celebrating 2016

as both a Centennial

the first minting of

of the Liberty Standing Quarter

and a Sesquicentennial

the birth of “Uncle”

Hermon Atkins MacNeil


Standing Liberty Quarter ~ 1916-2016  100th Anniversary of First Minting Year

Hermon A. MacNeil Medallion 150th Birth Anniversary ~ 1866-1947 ~



CLICK HERE to purchase a

MacNeil Medallion of the

Standing Liberty Quarter  

on eBay  photos  above


  1. Coinworld.com/news from https://www.coinworld.com/news/us-coins/longtime-coin-dealer-j-h-cline-dies.html
  2. Jay Cline from http://www.slqs.com
  1. CLINE #2: An Evening with Jay H. Cline ~ 2010 ~ Expert on MacNeil’s S.L.Q. ~ Signed His 4th Edition! (7.6) The American Numismatic Association met in Boston in 2010. A…
  2. Jay H. Cline ~ Loved the Standing Liberty Quarter~ #1 of 4 Stories. (6.2) AUGUST 2023 Jay H. Cline devoted his entire life and…
  3. Standing Liberty Quarter – Jay H. Cline’s Life-long Love (6.1) J. H. Cline’s 45 year admiration of Hermon A. MacNeil’s…

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MacNeil’s Standing Liberty

J. H. Cline (19, Author/Expert ~ Standing Liberty Quarter

The American Numismatic Association met in Boston in 2010.

A private Dinner with

Jay H. Cline

would be the best dream for any SLQ collector.

Well, that dream became a real blessing for my nephew, Donald S. Becker of Bangor, Maine, a Project Engineer there with Haley Ward, Inc.  Don remembers that event this way:

Don Becker, PE,  Project Engineer with Haley Ward in Bangor, ME

“It was the American Numismatic Association meeting in Boston for the first time since 1982.  Jay told me I should come as it was the best coin show event there is.  He was always willing to visit by email and talk about coins and Hermon MacNeil.  … “

“I had already contacted him to let him know how much I enjoyed the chapter [on Hermon] in the book and he wanted to discuss anything I knew about Hermon and anything about artistic talent in the Leininger, McNeil family.”

By email Don had found out that Jay Cline would be there.  So, Don offered to buy Jay dinner if  “he meet me to sign my book.”  Don remembered that evening:

“We had dinner at Abe & Louie’s on 793 Boylston Street…. The restaurant is still there … and is a very nice venue.”

Front Door of Abe & Louie’s where Jay Cline and Don met.


Dining Room at Abe & Louie’s Restaurant, Boston, Mass.

I used to receive Cline’s price list on SLQ quarters which was his specialty.

It was a enjoyable dinner and…

he signed my copy of his book.

Jay Cline signed: “To Donald. Best Wishes. J. H. Cline. A.N.A. Boston. 8/13/10  ~~ THANKS FOR DINNER IT WAS GREAT !”

It was something I thought would be neat to do.

The national coin show was very large and dramatic.

Don continued his comments:

Don Becker Collected his first Standing Liberty Quarter in his teens, like Jay Cline did.

“Abe & Louie’s is located near the  Hynes Convention Center, on Boylston Street, in Boston.The original founders retired when it was still part of the Backbay Restaurant Group.Yet the restaurant is still there.  … It is a very nice restaurant.

[Owned now by Tavistock Restaurant Collection]

On April 15, 2013 the second blast site of the Boston Marathon Bombing was just a few buildings away.”


Boston’s Commonwealth Street ~ Yellow Circle marks Abe & Louie’s ~ Finish line of Marathon.   Retrieved from https://abeandlouies.com/ on 6-9-2023    “I went as it was a national coin exhibition annual event somewhere close I could attend and included large US gold coin exhibition I wanted to see.”

~. ~.  ~.  ~.  ~.  ~.  ~. 

Bonus Images from Don:

Projects for Haley Ward in the Maine woods:

Don added two photos from his recent projects at Katahdin Woods and Water National Monument Visitors Contact Station projects.

Click link for MORE ~ Katahdin Woods and Waters Scenic Byway, National Park Service

A Trail created through Katahdin Woods

Water National Monument Visitors Contact Station project in T3 R7 WELS

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  1. https://abeandlouies.com/history/.
  2. Don Becker, PE,  Project Engineer with Haley Ward in Bangor, ME

Related Images:


screenshot of ANA Museum, Robert B. Kelley.

ANA Museum Photo / Robert B. Kelley

Jay H. Cline devoted his entire life and career to the Standing Liberty Quarter designed by Hermon MacNeil.

We will devote four postings in August 2023 to this dedicated numismatist. 

Serious collectors and MacNeil enthusiasts will also enjoy Cline’s book.

Cline  wrote the first definitive volume on MacNeil’s Standing Liberty Quarter.  He told his own story as a young boy collecting his first of MacNeil’s quarter design.

He became a coin dealer.  MacNeil’s work became his specialty and love.   He researched, wrote, revised his book through Four Editions.

Stay TUNED Here at HAM for MORE


~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~

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  6. RE-APPEARANCE of Hermon MacNeil’s 0wn “Personal 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter” ~ Part 2 (14.3) The first Standing Liberty Quarter struck in 1916 was given…

Related Images:

Hermon MacNeil’s Commander-in-Chief

George Washington on Arch in NYC

General George Washington with Flags (U.S. and POW/MIA) ~ Washington Arch Greenwich, NYC (Photo courtesy of: Gibson Shell – 2011)

Hermon MacNeil was a Red-White-and-Blue Sculptor of American History. 

click BELOW for MORE.




~ ~ ~ ~ 0 ~ ~ ~ ~


Images  of


from the sculptures of

Hermon Atkins MacNeil …


Happy 4th of July

from Dan Leininger, Webmaster

The Stars and Stripes fly day and night at the home of Webmaster Dan Leininger in South Dakota. They are illuminated dusk to dawn by automatic lighting. (The tie, however, only waves on special occasions like July 4th.)


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  6. MacNeil’s Bust of John Stewart Kennedy ~ 100 Years Ago ~ THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY (5.8)  A BRIEF NOTE from the Webmaster:  “We did not discover…

Related Images:

Hermon MacNeil included  2 Fasces
in his design for the
East Pediment

MacNeil – Supreme Court



The 2 Fasces of the East Pediment.   On Left in yellow circle: Man with traditional fascis. On Right in green circle: Woman with a grain sheath Fascis.

Additional Examples of 

FASCES in Washington, D.C. Capitol Area:

Two fasces appear on either side of the flag of the United States behind the podium in the United States House of Representatives, with bronze examples replacing the previous gilded iron installments during the remodeling project of 1950.[9]

Podium of the

U. S. House of Representatives:

Podium of the U. S. House of Representatives


These 2 large Bronze fasces frame both sides of the Flag of the United States behind the podium in the United States House of Representatives.  These larger-than-life bronze examples replaced the previous gilded iron installments during the remodeling project of 1950.[9]


Lincoln Memorial:

Daniel Chester Frenches tribute to

Lincoln’s Preservation of the Union

Seated In the marble throne supported by two Roman fasces symbols, Daniel Chester French’s “Lincoln” gazes contemplatively over the “preserved Union.”

At the Lincoln Memorial, Lincoln’s seat of state bears the fasces—without axes—on the fronts of its arms; fasces also appear on the pylons flanking the main staircase leading into the memorial.

Mercury Dime — Winged Liberty (reverse)

Fasces from the reverse of the Liberty (Winged Mercury) Dime minted from 1916 to 1945.

Another sculptor and colleague of Hermon MacNeil, Adolph Weinman, used a fasces motif in his coin design. The reverse of the Mercury Dime, the design [used until the adoption of the current FDR dime in 1945], features a fasces on the reverse side (tails).

“The Mercury dime is a ten-cent coin struck by the United States Mint from late 1916 to 1945. Designed by Adolph Weinman and also referred to as the Winged Liberty Head dime, it gained its common name because the obverse depiction of a young Liberty, identifiable by her winged Phrygian cap, was confused with the Roman god Mercury..

Other Uses of the “Fasces” in Art and Insignia.

  1.  Statue of Freedom  Fasces ring the base of the Statue of Freedom atop the United States Capitol building
  2. A frieze on the facade of the United States Supreme Court building depicts the figure of a Roman centurion holding a fasces, to represent “order”[10]
  3. The National Guard uses the fasces on the seal of the National Guard Bureau, and it appears in the insignia of Regular Army officers assigned to National Guard liaison and in the insignia and unit symbols of National Guard units themselves; for instance, the regimental crest of the 71st Infantry Regiment (New York) of the New York National Guard consisted of a gold fasces set on a blue background
  4. The official seal of the United States Tax Court bears the fasces at its center
  5. Four fasces flank the two bronze plaques on either side of the bust of Lincoln memorializing his Gettysburg Address at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  6. The seal of the United States Courts Administrative Office includes a fasces behind crossed quill and scroll
  7. In the Washington Monument, there is a statue of George Washington leaning on a fasces
  8. A fasces is a common element in US Army Military Police heraldry, most visibly on the shoulder sleeve insignia of the 18th Military Police Brigade and the 42nd Military Police Brigade
  9. A fasces also appears shoulder sleeve insignia of the US Army Reserve Legal Command
  10. Seated beside George Washington, a figure holds a fasces as part of The Apotheosis of Washington, a fresco mural suspended above the rotunda of the United States Capitol Building.
  11. On the podium of the Emancipation Memorial in Washington D.C., beneath Abraham Lincoln‘s right hand.  See Also: Capitol Hill Parks , National Capital Parks-East
  12. On the obverse of the 1896 $1 Educational Series note there is a fasces leaning against the wall behind the youth.
  13. In the Oval Office, above the door leading to the exterior walkway, and above the corresponding door on the opposite wall, which leads to the president’s private office; note: the fasces depicted have no axes, possibly because in the Roman Republic, the blade was always removed from the bundle whenever the fasces were carried inside the city, in order to symbolize the rights of citizens against arbitrary state power (see above). 



Seated In the marble throne supported by two Roman fasces symbols, Lincoln gazes contemplatively over the “preserved Union.”

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fasces Fasces article at Wikipedia


Federal fasces iconography

Emancipation Memorial

Emancipation Memorial

Related Images:

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Here is ONE place to go to see sculpture of Hermon A. MacNeil & his students. Located in cities from east to west coast, found indoors and out, public and private, these creations point us toward the history and values that root Americans.

Daniel Neil Leininger ~ HAMacNeil@gmail.com
Hosting & Tech Support: Leiturgia Communications, Inc.           WATCH US GROW


1. Take digital photos of the work from all angles, including setting.
2. Take close up photos of details that you like
3. Look for MacNeil’s signature. Photograph it too! See examples above.
4. Please, include a photo of you & others beside the work.
5. Tell your story of adventure. It adds personal interest.
6. Send photos to ~ Webmaster at: HAMacNeil@gmail.com