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C. Daughtrey Issues Hermon A. MacNeil Commemorative


Charles D. Daughtrey has released his beautiful commemorative of Hermon Atkins MacNeil.   The art piece is the seventh in Daughtrey’s series of coin designers.  In striking pencil sketch, he has depicted both the face of the young artist and his original Standing Liberty Quarter design.   H. A. MacNeil was the designer of the Standing Liberty Quarter dollar minted from 1916 to 1930.

Hermon A. MacNeil Commemorative by Artist C. Daughtrey is available at http://www.cdaughtrey.com/

Daughtrey has combined his multiple talents as artist, photographer, and numismatic author in this gentle tribute.   He portrays a younger MacNeil  than is typically seen in likenesses of the sculptor.  The effect is refreshing, crisp, and striking.  While we have a definite bias here at hermonatkinsmacneil.com , this seventh offering in Daughtrey’s ‘Coin Designer Series’ seems to us to be the best of a fine succession of his tributes. We wish him well and ‘good health’ as he continues his work in the future.

Daughtrey has created 250 (11″ X 14″) prints available from his website.  The works are signed and ready for shipping.  In a recent email Daughtrey informed us, I send them in a hard tube for the purchaser to have matted and framed to their liking.”

Charles specializes in copper coins and began sketching his Coin Designer Series of pencil sketches in 2005 when he need a suitable likeness of Victor David Brenner, the designer of the Lincoln Cent.  This and all seven commemorative works are available for purchase at Charles Daughtrey’s art gallery (website #1 below).

Charles Daughtrey sketched this portrait of Victor David Brenner in 2005 when he could not find a suitable likeness of the sculptor. It became the first of the series.

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