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MacNeil Park: Portico to the East River

156 Candles

On the 156th anniversary of Hermon MacNeil’s Birth

February 27, 2022

 updated April 7, 2022

 by the ‘Revised Call for Proposals’ 

 (changes high-lighted in yellow)  

Kathryn Cervino of College Point has been an activist and advocate for

Hermon A. MacNeil Park for 20 years. 

[CLICK HERE for History of MacNeil Park as posted in 2010]

Children and adults planting sea grass and restoring vitality and beauty to the East River shoreline along MacNeil Park (2010). Source: CPN at https://www.coastalpreservation.org/

   Kat Cervino

Kathryn Cervino’s organization, the Coastal Preservation Network has created systematic events and programs for the cleaning, preserving and keeping of this historic shoreline along the East River.  Teaching and advocating value and heritage of this historic piece of coastal NYC has been a passion that Kat Cervino has lived out and rooted in the neighborhood citizens of College Point. 

Bottles, debris, plastic trash have plagued the shoreline of MacNeil Park. Here teams of volunteers restore a beauty and pride in their neighborhood that has transformed this patch is river coastline.  Source: CPN at https://www.coastalpreservation.org/ 

The 2022 project has secured a Grant to create a:

Site-specific SCULPTURE

of recycled plastic the artist choice of materials 

and designed by a

a New York City or Massachusetts based artist.

A location in the center of Hermon A. MacNeil Park has been chosen as the site for this artwork to further beautify College Point and heighten enjoyment of the neighborhood.

Below is Page One of the newly  Revised   Call for Proposals. (Revisions are highlighted in YELLOW -April 6, 2022) For complete Eligibility, Timeline, Application, Awarding, and Background GO TO:

Coastal Preservation Network website HERE

Coastal Preservation Network

Public Art Grant 2022

 Revised   Call for Proposals

Introduction (page one)

Being launched this year for Coastal Preservation Network’s 20 th anniversary, the Coastal
Preservation Network Public Art Grant supports the creation of a sitespecific sculpture by a
New York or Massachusettsbased artist for a designated hilltop location within Hermon A.
MacNeil Park in College Point, Queens. This waterfront park is named after a renowned
American sculptor Hermon Atkins MacNeil (18661947). This grant will help transform the park
into an art destination in his honor. Funded by CPN, the grantee will receive an award of
$1,000.00 toward creation of their proposed artwork.
Previously known as Chisholm’s Park and College Point Shore Front Park, the 28acre parcel
on the East River was renamed in 1966 on the 100th anniversary of sculptor MacNeil’s birth.
Mayor John Lindsay signed his first local law to rename the park for MacNeil, whose home and
art studio were adjacent to the park. Proposed sculpture can be constructed using the artists
choice of materials and should depict a theme of nature. Examples include but are not limited
to: wildlife found in the park (squirrels, seagulls); marine life found in the adjacent East River
and/or Flushing Bay water bodies (fish, horseshoe crabs, oysters); the water itself.

The installation will be sited on the highest hill in MacNeil Park, in the park’s center, on the
paved area next to the flagpole. This location offers sweeping vistas of the East River to the
North and Flushing Bay to the west. The flagpole marks the former spot of the Chisholm family
mansion, which Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia used as his summer residence in 1937. Under the
direction of Robert Moses, the mansion was razed between 1939 and 1941 to create a public
park. Artists are strongly encouraged to visit MacNeil Park before submitting a proposal.
More information on sculptor MacNeil can be found on the Hermon A. MacNeil blog at
https://hermonatkinsmacneil.com/. More information on MacNeil Park can be found on the NYC
Parks website at https://www.nycgovparks.org/parks/macneilpark and on the Coastal
Preservation Network website at https://www.coastalpreservation.org/?page_id=45.

April 5, 2022: Call for proposals
May 17, 2022: Proposal deadline
June 4, 2022: Award recipient announced
Fall 2022: Artwork installed in park

This award is open to artists in New York and Massachusetts. MacNeil was born and educated
in Massachusetts. He worked/lived in College Point, Queens, and during his career taught at
Cornell University in Ithaca, The Art Students League of New York in Manhattan and Pratt
Institute in Brooklyn. 
Artists who are eligible will have specialized training in their field (not necessarily gained in an
academic institution), who are at an early or midstage in their career, and who have created a
modest independent body of work. Proposals for previously exhibited sculptures will not be

 CLICK HERE to go to 5 PAGE PROPOSAL at CPN site.

Source credits: All photos retrieved from CPN

Photo Credits

SOURCE: All Photos property of Coastal Preservation Network   [retrieved from  https://www.coastalpreservation.org/ on February 27, 2022]

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Hermon & Carol MacNeil, Carol’s sister Alice & husband, Wilbur Maher visited in 1904. (Site was the old side steps off of Northern Boulevard at the MacNeil Home in College Point, Queens, New York City)  (Photo courtesy of Joel Rosenkranz, NYC)


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Hermon Atkins MacNeil

MacNeil Month has FOUR Pillars: 


The Smithsonian Institute archives contain this photo of MacNeil’s Lincoln standing.

  Abraham Lincoln

is “Pillar #3

Born on February 12, 1809

& Sculpted by

Hermon Atkins MacNeil

in 1914″

MacNeil’s “Lincoln Lawyer” Bust was modeled from a now extinct piece known as the

Standing Lincoln

right =========>

The Smithsonian Institute Archives contain the photo (at right) of a plaster statue of Abraham Lincoln made by Hermon MacNeil for a competition in 1914 sponsored by the Art Commission of Illinois seeking a statue for the City of Springfield, Illinois.

MacNeil’s entry did not win the competition, but he later adapted the piece into a bust.  He then duplicated it into eight (8) castings made at Roman Bronze Works in NYC

MacNeil’s original plaster statue of Lincoln (standing) very likely has been lost to the ages.  He sculpted it in 1914 for a competition of the Art Commission of Illinois.  They sought a statue for the City of Springfield.  After the commission chose another sculpture, MacNeil worked with Roman Bronze Works to cast 8 Lincoln busts from the original standing  Lincoln. 

The story of MacNeil’s adaptation of his “Standing Lincoln” plaster into the “Lincoln Lawyer” bust can be found by clicking below:

MacNeil’s “Lincoln Lawyer” Bust modeled from Standing Lincoln

Many of those “Lincoln Lawyer” busts have been located and documented here on HAM ( https://hermonatkinsmacneil.com/ )  




~ Pillars Three & Four consist of ~     (2 Birthdays and 2 US Presidents that Hermon sculpted had February Birthdays)

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Hermon A. MacNeil

The FOURTH Pillar of MacNeil Month 2022 is

Hermon Atkins MacNeil’s

General George Washington 

MacNeil’s George Washington

has not always been treated kindly. 

Vandals in June 2020 left their angry marks on

George Washington. 

Both Hermon MacNeil’s and Alexander Stirling Calder’s statues were covered with RED sploches of HATE.  The following post from  June 30, 2020







^ ^ ^ ^  ^  ^  ^ ^

In 1974 Cecelia MacNeil decried  the condition of Hermon’s 1916 marble statue.(Above)

Six decades of  careless sandblasting and harsh cleaning left  the Commander  looking

more like a  LEPER  than

commander in Chief of the American Revolution. 




Fortunately the Washington Arch and Washington Park

continues into its SECOND CENTURY

as a gathering place and a celebration place for

New Yorkers to call out to

the Nation and World.

“Washington” in evening light

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Hermon Atkins MacNeil

MacNeil Month has FOUR Pillars  Click below on 1-4 for MORE:     (2 Birthdays and 2 US Presidents that Hermon sculpted had February Birthdays)

  1. Hermon Atkins MacNeil was born on February 27, 1866
  2. Thomas Henry McNeil,  was born February 29, 1860 (his cousin & my grandfather)
  3. Abraham Lincoln born on February 12, 1809 & sculpted by MacNeil in 1909
  4. George Washington born on February 22, 1732 & sculpted by MacNeil in 1916

SO we have made each February since 2010 into our …

“MacNeil Month”

 ~ SO WELCOME TO “MacNeil Month 2022” ~

1. “Pillar One:  Hermon Atkins MacNeil

“A memorial for Hermon Atkins MacNeil is unnecessary, even wasteful.  Preserve America and one preserves Hermon Atkins MacNeil.  The two are one in the same.  Restore all art before it is destroyed.  And remember the name of Hermon Atkins MacNeil for what it represents.”   Cecelia MacNeil  1   (AJ-3, p. 35).

This website is a “Digital Museum” of the Art of Hermon MacNeil.

This website is a “Digital History” of the lives of Hermon & Carol Brooks MacNeil.

This website is a “Digital Showplace” of a 1,000+ images of .

2. “Pillar Two: Thomas Henry McNeil

My connection to Hermon MacNeil comes through Pillar Two: my grandfather Thomas Henry McNeil.

My mother, Ollie McNeil Leininger was the second daughter of Thomas Henry and Willie Maude Black McNeil.  She gifted me with the middle named “Neil.”  Her father instructed all his children to call Hermon — “Uncle Hermon” as a courtesy of respect for their elder second cousin.

So, I inherited the name “Neil and a “Great Uncle Hermon MacNeil.”  A few ways that I have been honoring my heritage include:

Daniel Neil Leininger and Donna, (his Lass of 50 years), on the ‘Royal Mile’ walking to the Edinburgh Castle for the Military Tatoo of 2014.

Closing Finale of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tatoo of 2020


Stay Tuned for the next story of

Pillars 3 and 4.

3. “Pillar Three:  Abraham Lincoln

Born on February 12, 1809 & sculpted by MacNeil in 1909″


4. “Pilar Four: General George Washington

Born on February 22, 1732 & sculpted by Macneil in 1916″



  1. Cecelia MacNeil with Dr. Allen Nestle. “Sculptor Americanus: Hermon Atkins MacNeil”.   (First in a Series of Three), The Antiques Journal, April 1974,  pp. 10-13, 54.
  2. Cecelia MacNeil with Dr. Allen Nestle. “Sculptor Americanus: Hermon Atkins MacNeil”.   (Second in a Series of Three), The Antiques Journal, May 1974,  pp. 28-31.
  3. Cecelia MacNeil with Dr. Allen Nestle. “Sculptor Americanus: Hermon Atkins MacNeil”.   (Third in a Series of Three), The Antiques Journal, June 1974,  pp. 32-35, 51.
  4. Lynn H. Burnett. (Editor’s Comments:)“Hermon Atkins MacNeil in Historical Perspective”.  The Antiques Journal April 1974, pp. 4, 5, 48.

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⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐ ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒

Part 3 of

“Sculptor Americanus”

citing Memories of

Hermon A. MacNeil

by Cecelia W. M. MacNeil

~  The Antiques Journal, June 1974 ~


Page 32 of Cecelia MacNeil with Dr. Allen Nestle. “Sculptor Americanus: Hermon Atkins MacNeil”. (Third in a Series of Three), The Antiques Journal, June 1974, pp. 32-35, 51.

Cecelia MacNeil in her third article in her series on Hermon MacNeil offers closing comments from her days with the sculptor.

The Narrative of her article repeats much that is contained in the “AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH” dictated by MacNeil in 1943.  The stock photos accompanying the text are illustrative examples.  All predate the 1970s and are certainly not digital HD images as normally used on this cite.

As mentioned in the previous post, Cecelia was present when Hermon dictated these stories to his secretary, Marie Mutschler, to write down.  

She then typed his story into a  document containing 13 pages of single-spaced text.  My mother had a copy of that AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH.  I believe she got that from my Aunt Jane, probably after Hermon’s death.  A copy was placed in the “MacNeil Papers” at the Cornell University Library Archives.  I visited there in 2014.

Page 33 of Cecelia MacNeil with Dr. Allen Nestle. “Sculptor Americanus: Hermon Atkins MacNeil”. (Third in a Series of Three), The Antiques Journal, June 1974, pp. 32-35, 51.

These were photocopies (xeroxes) of the original typing.  I typed the document into a digital file.  That made it easily retrievable, easily cited, and searchable. 

Cecelia MacNeil’s articles all seem to rely on this document, especially the 2nd and 3rd issues.  She and Dr. Nestle also cite the article noted in my post of Feb. 3rd, 2022. (Holden, Jean Stansbury (October 1907). “The Sculptors MacNeil“. The World’s Work: A History of Our Time XIV: 9403–9419.) [Retrieved from GOOGLE eBooks]  

The incident of Hermon rummaging in his studio workroom to fine some of his medals won at world fairs is quoted there by Holden. 

Another interview that seems to be drawn from is published by J. Walker McSpadden in Famous Sculptors of America published in 1924, pp. 307-326.  

Page 34 of Cecelia MacNeil with Dr. Allen Nestle. “Sculptor Americanus: Hermon Atkins MacNeil”. (Third in a Series of Three), The Antiques Journal, June 1974, pp. 32-35, 51.

Yet, in the years that Cecelia cared for both MacNeils followed by the years she and Hermon were married, she probably heard some of these stories directly from Hermon. 

Cecelia has done a faithful job of renewing the name of “Hermon Atkins MacNeil” in an era of forgotten Beaux Arts sculpture of the 1970s.

She closes the 3rd piece with thw story of the “STANDING LIBERTY QUARTER” and its TWO living models that MacNeil drew from in making.  

Doris Doscher Baum, and Irene MacDowell were both models that posed for MacNeil’s conception of Lady Liberty.  As discussed by the late Jay Cline in his book, Standing Liberty Quarters, both women can claim the honor of being the model for the Standing Liberty quarter.  Cline spent an entire lifetime and career dealing in these beautiful examples of American Renaissance coinage.

Page 35 of Cecelia MacNeil with Dr. Allen Nestle. “Sculptor Americanus: Hermon Atkins MacNeil”. (Third in a Series of Three), The Antiques Journal, June 1974, pp. 32-35, 51.



In my opinion, the greatest donation to our further understanding of Hermon MacNeil is shared in her first article in the series.  

The story of “The Sun Vow” and her 12 birthday visit to see it.   What a Birthday surprise.  Her father’s visit to  the Metropolitan Museum of Art introduced the name of Hermon MacNeil.  That familiarity probably chartered her path to being engaged as a home-nurse to both MacNeil Sculptors. Then developed a life phase where she and   Hermon were both widowed and joined in marriage.


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Here is ONE place to go to see sculpture of Hermon A. MacNeil & his students. Located in cities from east to west coast, found indoors and out, public and private, these creations point us toward the history and values that root Americans.

Daniel Neil Leininger ~ HAMacNeil@gmail.com
Hosting & Tech Support: Leiturgia Communications, Inc.           WATCH US GROW


1. Take digital photos of the work from all angles, including setting.
2. Take close up photos of details that you like
3. Look for MacNeil’s signature. Photograph it too! See examples above.
4. Please, include a photo of you & others beside the work.
5. Tell your story of adventure. It adds personal interest.
6. Send photos to ~ Webmaster at: HAMacNeil@gmail.com