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~ This Gallery celebrates Hermon Atkins MacNeil,  of the Beaux Arts School American classic sculptor of Native images and American history.  ~ World’s Fairs, statues, monuments, coins, and more… ~ Hot-links ( lower right) lead to works by Hermon A. MacNeil.   ~ Over 200 of stories & 2,000 photos form this virtual MacNeil Gallery stretching east to west  New York to New Mexico ~ Oregon to S. Carolina.   ~ 2021 marks the 155th Anniversary of Hermon MacNeil’s birth. ~~Do you WALK or DRIVE by MacNeil sculptures DAILY!   ~~ CHECK it OUT!

DO YOU walk by MacNeil Statues and NOT KNOW IT ???


MacNeil Month 2022 ~ Week 3 ~ “Pillars One & Two”


Hermon Atkins MacNeil

MacNeil Month has FOUR Pillars  Click below on 1-4 for MORE:     (2 Birthdays and 2 US Presidents that Hermon sculpted had February Birthdays)

  1. Hermon Atkins MacNeil was born on February 27, 1866
  2. Thomas Henry McNeil,  was born February 29, 1860 (his cousin & my grandfather)
  3. Abraham Lincoln born on February 12, 1809 & sculpted by MacNeil in 1909
  4. George Washington born on February 22, 1732 & sculpted by MacNeil in 1916

SO we have made each February since 2010 into our …

“MacNeil Month”

 ~ SO WELCOME TO “MacNeil Month 2022” ~

1. “Pillar One:  Hermon Atkins MacNeil

“A memorial for Hermon Atkins MacNeil is unnecessary, even wasteful.  Preserve America and one preserves Hermon Atkins MacNeil.  The two are one in the same.  Restore all art before it is destroyed.  And remember the name of Hermon Atkins MacNeil for what it represents.”   Cecelia MacNeil  1   (AJ-3, p. 35).

This website is a “Digital Museum” of the Art of Hermon MacNeil.

This website is a “Digital History” of the lives of Hermon & Carol Brooks MacNeil.

This website is a “Digital Showplace” of a 1,000+ images of .

2. “Pillar Two: Thomas Henry McNeil

My connection to Hermon MacNeil comes through Pillar Two: my grandfather Thomas Henry McNeil.

My mother, Ollie McNeil Leininger was the second daughter of Thomas Henry and Willie Maude Black McNeil.  She gifted me with the middle named “Neil.”  Her father instructed all his children to call Hermon — “Uncle Hermon” as a courtesy of respect for their elder second cousin.

So, I inherited the name “Neil and a “Great Uncle Hermon MacNeil.”  A few ways that I have been honoring my heritage include:

Daniel Neil Leininger and Donna, (his Lass of 50 years), on the ‘Royal Mile’ walking to the Edinburgh Castle for the Military Tatoo of 2014.

Closing Finale of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tatoo of 2020


Stay Tuned for the next story of

Pillars 3 and 4.

3. “Pillar Three:  Abraham Lincoln

Born on February 12, 1809 & sculpted by MacNeil in 1909″


4. “Pilar Four: General George Washington

Born on February 22, 1732 & sculpted by Macneil in 1916″



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