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DO YOU walk by MacNeil Statues and NOT KNOW IT ???


This Unique “New York Architectural League” Award Medal links H. A. MacNeil & A. A. Weinman.


The Webmaster has obtained an actual medal created by Hermon MacNeil and awarded to his colleague, A. A. Weinman.  That medallion was called the:

“New York Architectural League” Award

Of its sculpting and design, Joel Rosenkranz has said:

“I do think it is an extraordinary medal, wonderful low relief work with a strong sense of perspective. The allegorical figures are just beautifully rendered.”        Joel Rosenkranz

But the provenance* of this particular medal is also an extraordinary linkage of these two sculptor-colleagues: * [chronology of the ownership ]

Hermon A. MacNeil


Adolf A. Weinman

The   Gold Medal   pictured above and below was actually awarded to none other than,

Adolf A. Weinman

Joel Rosenkranz obtained this piece of Beaux Arts history from a grandson of the renowned sculptor with an accompanying provenance tracing back to his grandfather’s estate.

In 1909, the New York Association of  Architects commissioned MacNeil to design this piece.

Of this medal design, Joel Rosenkranz has said:

“I do think it is an extraordinary medal, wonderful low relief work with a strong sense of perspective. The allegorical figures are just beautifully rendered.”  Joel Rosenkranz

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

The Obverse of the Award reads in English: 

“Architectutal League NY.”

NY Architectural League Medal -observe. [Photo Credit: Joel Rosenkranz, Conner~Rosenkranz, NY, NY.]  (www.crsculpture.com)

The Reverse of the Award reads: “statuariae artis peritissimo”

Which translates from Latin as:

the most skilled in the art of statuary.”

NY Architectural League Medal -Reserve.   [Photo Credit: Joel Rosenkranz, Conner~Rosenkranz, NY, NY.]   (www.crsculpture.com)

Thus the Award designates the bearer as :

“A Statuary Sculptor of the Highest Skills”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

These two contemporaries had many

parallel accomplishments.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~





  1. Both sculptors designed Coinage.
  2. Both sculptors  served the National Sculpture Society as  presidents. 

    Five Presidents of National Sculpture Society. A.A. Weinman in center, H.A. MacNeil to his right. J.E. Frazer (lt) and H. Adams (rt) flack the group as they present Daniel Chester French (2nd lt.) with the National Sculpture Society Medal sculpted by Laura Gardin Frazer in 1929.

  3. Both were awarded the NY Architectural Medal that MacNeil designed.
  4. In 1932 Both sculpted friezes of  the United States Supreme Court building  in Washington D.C.:
    1. Weinman’s frieze is in the Court Chamber.
    2. MacNeil’s is the outdoor – East Pediment.
  5. Missouri State Capitol (ca. 1926)
    1. [Weinman –South Pediment;
    2. MacNeil – West Frieze ]
  6. Both were chosen by the McKim, Mead, and White Architects to complete on projects such as the:

    1. Hall of Fame for Great Americans
    2. Missouri Capitol Building
  7. 1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco. Both Weinman and MacNeil made multiple exhibits overlapping architectural and sculptural history:

https://www.pafa.org/museum/collection/item/medal-honor-sculpture-architectural-league-new-york Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts


  1. Joel Rosenkranz, Partner in Conner~Rosenkranz, LLC., NY, NY.] (www.crsculpture.com)
  2. McKim, Mead, and White Architects

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