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E. W. Marland’s “Pioneer Woman” ~ Ponca City, OK ~ Post #3


JO DAVIDSON’S statue of E.W Marland

E.W. Marland portrait

The man who conceived and initiated the “Pioneer Woman” monument was a fascinating

boom-bust-boom-bust oil millionaire.

Ernest Whitworth Marland, known as

E. W. Marland

(May 8, 1874 – October 3, 1941), was an American lawyer, oil businessman in Pennsylvania (1900s) and Oklahoma (1920s), and politician who was a U.S. representative (1933-35) and Oklahoma governor (1935-39). Click here for MORE details:

The marble statue of him by Jo Davidson

bears the following inscription:


E. W. Marland








Photo by Dan Leininger: https://hermonatkinsmacneil.com

Photo by Dan Leininger: https://hermonatkinsmacneil.com

The Mansion of the Marland’s is now a museum with a separate artist studio that E. W. built for a resident sculptor.   Jo Davidson spent time there where he completed alabaster statues of Marland’s adopted son and daughter of the : George Roberts Marland and Lyde Roberts Marland.

The Marlands’ Mysterious Legacy



& Lyde’s SAD demise:

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~


 The  MARLAND   MANSION   STUDIO  Now honors BRYANT BAKERthe Sculptor of the “PIONEER WOMAN”

Photos from our day in Ponca City

show the marvelous interior . . .

ALL Photos below by Dan Leininger: https://hermonatkinsmacneil.com



Bryant Baker never worked in the Sculptor’s Studio at the Marland Mansion, BUT . . .

now his many sculptures, models and miniatures  fill the rooms and displays there.

Bryant Baker, (July 8, 1881 – March 29, 1970) won the “Pioneer Woman Competition.”  He was British born and educated. His British-American life is a fascination story:

In 1910, Queen Alexandra commissioned him to sculpt a bust of Edward VII.[6] She was so impressed with his work, that she then commissioned him to design a life-size statue of Edward VII, and later a bust in marble of the nine-year-old Prince Olaf of Norway.[4]

In 1916, Baker emigrated to the United States, where he enlisted in the United States Army. He served during World War I in Army hospitals, crafting artificial limbs and face masks for wounded soldiers.[4] He became a U.S. citizen in 1923.[2]       SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pioneer_Woman

Shortly after his death, the contents of his New York studio were purchased and moved to the E. W. Marland Mansion in Ponca City. The mansion is now known as the Ponca City Cultural Center, and Baker’s studio and copies of many of his works are on display there.

During his career, he created over 100 statues and busts, though his heroic bronze monument of the Pioneer Woman is his best known and loved. 

The of Baker’s works displayed in the Marland Studio:


David, Director of Marland Estate, stands in front of a large bas relief of Baker’s images of World War I.  All Photos by Dan Leininger, Webmaster: https://hermonatkinsmacneil.com

David graciously gave us a private tour of the Marland Mansion & Studio and BAKER’S many sculptures displayed there.

Bryant Baker at work in his studio.

Miniatures of Bryant Baker’s “Pioneer Woman” in several patina finishes form this studio display.

Bryant Baker’s “King Edward VII” 1912.  Queen Alexandra commissioned him to sculpt a bust and later a full statue of the King.  This is a half-scale statuette of his original.


Bryant Baker’s large bas relief of World War I images from his service in hospitals.       All Photos: Dan Leininger: Webmaster https://hermonatkinsmacneil.com


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