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~ This Gallery celebrates my great Uncle, Hermon Atkins MacNeil an American classic sculptor of the Beaux Arts School.  He sculpted Native images and American history:  ~ World’s Fairs, statues, monuments, coins, and more…  ~ Over 300 stories (25 per page) in 10 pages. (Click on Next Page >> at bottom).  View thousands of photos from this virtual MacNeil Gallery.  It stretches from New York to New Mexico ~ Oregon to S. Carolina.   ~ 2016 marked the 150th Anniversary of Hermon MacNeil’s birth. ~ Hot-links ( lower right) lead to works by Hermon Atkins MacNeil.  ~~Do you WALK or DRIVE by MacNeil sculptures DAILY!  ~ CHECK OUT my Uncle Hermon’s works here!

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DO YOU walk by MacNeil Statues and NOT KNOW IT ???


“Pony Express” ~~ Hermon MacNeil’s Last Monument


The “Pony Express” statue in St. Joseph, Missouri  was dedicated in 1940.

Hermon MacNeil turned 74 that February 27th. He posed for newspaper photos sitting on the statue base.

The statue appears to be un-mounted on its massive pedestal base. 

  • Was this photo taken at the foundry before shipping? 
  • Or maybe at St. Joe before being erected on the pedestal base? 
  • WE don’t know!
  • BUT the sculptor seems proud and relaxed aside his historic tribute! 

The authentic saddle & mail bags were consistent with Dr. S. M. Strong’s  replicas which were Hermon patterns.  And of course , “Poncho Villa”, the Doctor’s rescued rodeo mustang. after.

Twenty years later (1960), was the Centennial of the first Pony Express ride.  That year the  US Post Office issued a Commemorative 4 Cent stamp, as pictured below:    

  • Because the PONY EXPRESS became an established ICON and growing legend. 
  • St. Jo, MO took the iconic “horse and rider” as a SYMBOL for the city itself. 
  • They have continued that identity to the present day, though 164 years have passed. 

RIDE ON, O’ symbol of American history.  Your sculptor has brought you to life at your starting gate of iconic legend. 



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