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A RED “X” and scribbles mark the decision to remove this monumental piece funded a century ago by the Benjamin Franklin Ferguson Monument Fund to adorn Chicago boulevard and green-ways with historic statuary.

The Chicago Monuments Project says REMOVE   IT!

So, we have “X-ed” out the Marquette Jolliet Illini sculpture from our photo posed in 2010.

After gracing the Douglas Park neighborhood for nearly a century, this sculpture by Hermon A. MacNeil is judged to deserve the


Click here for more on CMP


Axeually, it may get:

  1. Removal,
  2. Storage, and possibly
  3. Lending or Donation to a private venue.

The Report of the Chicago Monuments Project reads, in part:

“Jacques Marquette-Louis Jolliet Memorial”

» The sculpture reinforces stereotypes
about American Indians and glorifies
a complicated and painful history of Western expansion. It features a cowering American Indian, following submissively in the footsteps of Marquette

Recommended Next Steps

  • »  The artwork should be placed in storage

  • »  The city should initiate a conversation with the Marshall Square community, where the artwork is located, to study options for the development of new public art at the site

  • »  Agencies may also consider the long- term loan or donation of this artwork to a private organization

    MacNeil’s depiction of Marquette has the priest with an inviting open right hand and raising a cross above his heart.

Since 1926 this work has graced the bend of Marshall Boulevard and 24th Boulevard. 







While it is still standing, the monument can be reached by:

Driving south down through Douglas Park on Sacramento Blvd to Marshall Blvd as it becomes West 24th Blvd. There you can find the 1925 bronze grouping of Pere Marquette, Louis Jolliete, and an Illinois Indian that faces the greenway of the boulevard. 

The monument stands on a six-foot (6′) base with bronze groupings almost twelve feet (12′) tall.  It’s removal will not be an easy extraction

Chicagoans approaching the Monument along Marshall and 24th Avenue Boulevards are greeted by the Jesuit’s open hand.




FYI:  MORE Discussion~ will come!

the Webmaster

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ 

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Medal of Honor for Sculpture, Architectural League of New York

Date of Birth 

Original clay models for the NY Architectural Medal. Photographed by Daniel N. Leininger at the archives of Swope Art Museum in Terra Haute, Indiana in 2012.

In 2012, I visited the Swope Art Museum in Terra Haute Indiana.  There I photographed many clay Models rescued from MacNeil’s studio in College Point after his death. 

My photos from that day include many familiar works.  Some became statues.  Others were never awarded commissions.   Those were never sculpted full size or cast into bronze.



Of interest here are the Original clay models for the NY Architectural Medal.  

SOURCE: All Photos by Daniel N. Leininger at the archives of Swope Art Museum in Terra Haute, Indiana in 2012

Both Obverse and Reverse of the original clay master are seen stored here at Swope Museum in Terra Haute, Ind.

“LEAGUE” becomes “LE[AG]VE” in Beaux Arts script.

MacNeil signature detail of clay Model. ‘FECIT’ is American English of the Latin verb (ˈfeikɪt, English ˈfisɪt). Meaning he made (it); she made (it): formerly used on works of art after the name of the artist.




Medal Maker  Video

“Medal Maker” VHS of 1997

click here to view

“The Medal Maker” shows how Laura Gardin Frazer makes a clay original model for the National Sculpture Society medal awarded to Daniel Chester French  The final bronze casting is pictured above on the video that preserves the original filming of her at work.

The presentation of this first NSS Medal to French honored for his sculptural work of the seated Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

That story was first first told here in 2012 at the following posting: 

JOURNEY TO SUPREME COURT: ~ A Stop at Daniel Chester French’s Abe Lincoln ~ Washington D.C. …


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The Webmaster has obtained an actual medal created by Hermon MacNeil and awarded to his colleague, A. A. Weinman.  That medallion was called the:

“New York Architectural League” Award

Of its sculpting and design, Joel Rosenkrantz has said:

“I do think it is an extraordinary medal, wonderful low relief work with a strong sense of perspective. The allegorical figures are just beautifully rendered.”        Joel Rosenkranz

But the provenance* of this particular medal is also an extraordinary linkage of these two sculptor-colleagues: * [chronology of the ownership ]

Hermon A. MacNeil


Adolf A. Weinman

The   Gold Medal   pictured above and below was actually awarded to none other than,

Adolf A. Weinman

Joel Rosenkranz obtained this piece of Beaux Arts history from a grandson of the renowned sculptor with an accompanying provenance tracing back to his grandfather’s estate.

In 1909, the New York Association of  Architects commissioned MacNeil to design this piece.

Of this medal design, Joel Rosenkrantz has said:

“I do think it is an extraordinary medal, wonderful low relief work with a strong sense of perspective. The allegorical figures are just beautifully rendered.”  Joel Rosenkranz

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

The Obverse of the Award reads in English: 

“Architectutal League NY.”

NY Architectural League Medal -observe. [Photo Credit: Joel Rosenkranz, Conner~Rosenkranz, NY, NY.]  (www.crsculpture.com)

The Reverse of the Award reads: “statuariae artis peritissimo”

Which translates from Latin as:

the most skilled in the art of statuary.”

NY Architectural League Medal -Reserve.   [Photo Credit: Joel Rosenkranz, Conner~Rosenkranz, NY, NY.]   (www.crsculpture.com)

Thus the Award designates the bearer as :

“A Statuary Sculptor of the Highest Skills”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

These two contemporaries had many

parallel accomplishments.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~





  1. Both sculptors designed Coinage.
  2. Both sculptors  served the National Sculpture Society as  presidents. 

    Five Presidents of National Sculpture Society. A.A. Weinman in center, H.A. MacNeil to his right. J.E. Frazer (lt) and H. Adams (rt) flack the group as they present Daniel Chester French (2nd lt.) with the National Sculpture Society Medal sculpted by Laura Gardin Frazer in 1929.

  3. Both were awarded the NY Architectural Medal that MacNeil designed.
  4. In 1932 Both sculpted friezes of  the United States Supreme Court building  in Washington D.C.:
    1. Weinman’s frieze is in the Court Chamber.
    2. MacNeil’s is the outdoor – East Pediment.
  5. Missouri State Capitol (ca. 1926)
    1. [Weinman –South Pediment;
    2. MacNeil – West Frieze ]
  6. Both were chosen by the McKim, Mead, and White Architects to complete on projects such as the:

    1. Hall of Fame for Great Americans
    2. Missouri Capitol Building
  7. 1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco. Both Weinman and MacNeil made multiple exhibits overlapping architectural and sculptural history:

https://www.pafa.org/museum/collection/item/medal-honor-sculpture-architectural-league-new-york Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts


  1. Joel Rosenkranz, Partner in Conner~Rosenkranz, LLC., NY, NY.] (www.crsculpture.com)
  2. McKim, Mead, and White Architects

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~ MacNeil “Chief  of Multnomah” ~


Earns Surprising Sale Price!

SOURCE: https://www.askart.com/Artist_Art_For_Sale_Inquiry.aspx?adno=202382&artist=110997
A 37 inch half-height copy of
Hermon MacNeil’s
“Chief of the Multnomah”
sold for a WORLD Record at
The Coeur d’Alene Art Auction
Reno, Nevada
Estimated sale price was in the range of

The Coeur d’Alene Art Auction Image of the 37 inch version of the MacNeil piece.

Hermon Atkins MacNeil
In 2021 the Coeur d’Alene Art Auction offered an artwork for sale by Hermon Atkins MacNeil.
Actual Sale Price: 
A Chief of the Multnomah Tribe
Type:  Sculpture
Medium:  Bronze
Style:  Other
Subject:  Western/Indian
Signature:  Signed and Dated
Size:  37.00″ x 12.00″
Foundry Mark:  Roman Bronze Works N-Y-
Description:  Estimate $30,000-50,000.
Now taking consignments for our 2022 auction.
For more information please call 208.772.9009 or

“Coming of the White Man” original clay model 72 inches high at the Poppenhusen Institute in College Point, Queens, New York.

This “Chief of the Mulnomah Tribe” was a 37″ statue.
It was half the height
of the 74″
sculpted for the original 
“Coming of the
White Man”
seen at right ==>
in the original clay model
now at the
Poppenhusen Institute 
in College Point where MacNeil donated it before his death.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“Chief of the Multnomah”
Here are MORE Postings on this site:

Another of Hermon MacNeil’s “Chief of the Multnomah” Discovered in Vernon, New Jersey  Posted on May, 31, 2015 

Another Chief of the Mulnomah

Another Chief of the Multnomah

I’ve been noticing a magnificent piece of the scultpture for the past few years, located in Vernon N.J. at the Minerals Spa and Resort. After closer examination I discovered it is Chief Multnomah with his arms crossed, standing on tip toes looking outward. “The coming of the white man” is the title usually ascribed to this work, but in this case the chief stands alone without his scout or assistant as pictured on your web-site. It is signed simply, H.A. Macneil S.C. 04. Just thought it was a variation of the piece that you might find interesting.I’m not really sure how long its been there, because I’m relatively new to the area. Being a sculptor myself and one that is particularly fond on the late 19th cent/early 20th cent period, with the likes of Rodin, Bayre, Dega, etc. Macneil certainly is a strong and salutory member of that period. Regards, D. Moldoff.

My response was as follows:

Dear D. L. Moldoff,

Thanks for noticing sculpture around you and sharing the information.  The ‘Chief Multnomah’ is the larger Half of H. A. MacNeil’s “The Coming of the White Man.” (COTWM). While the COTWM piece is only at the Washington Park in Portland, OR, where it was commissioned for that city.  The original plaster sculpture model is in the Poppenhusen Institute in Queens, NYC, just blocks from MacNeil’s studio.


“Chief of the Multnomah” ~ DO WE HAVE ONE? ~ ???????  Posted on Dec 21, 2013 

In the Summer of 2013, I received an email from Linette Porter-Metler of the Mount Vernon and Knox County Library of Mount Vernon, Ohio.  She enclosed the photos you see below.

Linette entitled her email,


Here is what she said:

Thanks for your website!

We are a four-library public library system in Central Ohio.  All year, we have been celebrating our 125th Anniversary here as a public library in Mount Vernon, Ohio, and during our research we found that one of our sculptures donated to us in 1936 by a Dr. Freeman Ward may be one of The Chief of the Multnomah statues shown on your site. But it does have some differences as you can see by the photo compared to the one on your site at the New York museum.

Ours does not seem to have a number stating it was one of the copies (i.e. 4/20)..All it has is his name, the word “Multnomah”, and the number “03” etched on the side of his footrest. I will send photos. Also, there is a copper? Twisted piece at top of bow near his shoulder.

I will enclose as many photos as I can.  If you have any further information to share with us about this, we would appreciate it!


Linette Porter-Metler, Community Relations / Public Affairs, Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County, 201 N. Mulberry Street, Mount Vernon, OHIO

My answer is simply:



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Another “Chief of the Multnomah” Has Appeared in the East.    Posted on Nov, 10, 2011 

One of MacNeil’s  “Chief of the Multnomah Tribe”, (which has seen a lot in American history since 1904, and even more since “The Coming of the White Man”) still  stands guard silently over a once $25,000,000 estate in Easton, MD, known as Hidden Bridge Farm.   The future of both the “Chief” and the Estate remain uncertain.  The waterfront playground  property is now locked in Chapter 7 bankruptcy being handled by Easton attorney, James Vidmar.

These photos show  “A Chief of the Multnomah” as he overlooks the  Choptank River on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  This same MacNeil statue featured in the previous posting on Nov. 8, 2011 was once owned by John A. Porter.  

A source has told us that the “Chief” was placed as the centerpiece on  this 540-acre Estate  by “John A. Porter.”  Porter achieved front page fame as the former CEO of Worldcom before its colossal collapse in 2000-2.  The scandal brought Worldcom into the news as the “Enron” of the tele-communication industry.

Daniela Deane, House Gossip for the Washington Post, described the situation  in 2002 in this way:

Hidden Bridge Farm, a 540-acre spread with five houses on it, is for sale for $26.5 million — about $16.5 million more than any other property has sold for on the Eastern Shore. The farm sits on 1.5 miles of waterfront on the Choptank River, about 10 miles southwest of Easton.

Besides the 10,000-square-foot all-brick manor house, the property also has a waterfront farmhouse, a 3,000-square-foot guest house, a caretaker’s house, a guest cottage and two two-bedroom …  Source: [ Daniela Deane. “House gossip; Eastern Shore Estate Asks a Record Price.” The Washington Post. Washingtonpost Newsweek Interactive. 2002. Retrieved November 08, 2011 from HighBeam Research: http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P2-325206 ]           

Deane’s story details one of the holdings of  John A. Porter who was worth over $500,000,000 in 1999.  Now, however, he is broke.  After loosing the Maryland property and “Chief Multnomah,”  he has had  to scale down to a 10,000 sq foot ocean-front mansion in Palm Beach.  That little homestead retreat is worth much less than Hidden Bridge only about $17,000,000.  Fortunately, Florida has a generous “Homestead Act”, known by locals as the “mansion loophole” act.

Some folks suggest that you might be able to “buy the farm” for possibly $14 Million, once it comes on the market.  The “Chief “  may (or may not) be included in the selling price.



If MacNeil’s “Chiefs” Could Speak, What would They tell us Today?  Posted on Nov 13, 2011


(Photo by Elizabeth Daley, Queens Chronicle) Posted on June 1, 2011

A recent estate auction featured a “Chief of the Multnomah” which is the right-hand half of the “Coming of the White Man” pair.

“Everything Must Go” was a feature story in the “Queens Chronicle” by Elizabeth Daley, editor (March 11, 2011).  Michael Halberian lived in the former Steinway Family Mansion.  It is uncertain whether the MacNeil sculpture was a Steinway heirloom that sold with the mansion or whether Mike discovered it in his appraisal work.





The Poppenhusen Institute houses this plaster model of “A Chief of the Multnomah” donated in 1920 by MacNeil. It represents half of the “Coming of the White Man” grouping comissioned in 1904 for the City of Portland, Oregon by the family of David P. Thompson. (photo courtesy of Bob Walker, College Point)

“A Chief of the Multnomah” is silent, but If he could only speak and share his observations of 150 years with the White Man 

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Jay Cline’s book, Standing Liberty Quarters, 4th Ed., includes 35 letters of correspondence between President Wm. Taft, H. A. MacNeil, officials of the US Mint, and the U.S. Treasury, discussing designs and changes from 1915-1917.

Many Design Changes produced the …

“Standing Liberty


~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ 

In 2018 at the

Florida United Numismatists (FUN)

Convention in Orlando,

a Heritage US Coins Auction revealed an early sketch of Hermon MacNeil for the reverse of his Liberty Standing Quarter.

This news was recently retrieved from CoinWeek and is offered here for Friends of Hermon Atkins MacNeil to enjoy on this website dedicated to his life and works.

~  ~  ~  ~ 

Preliminary MacNeil Sketch for the

Reverse of the Standing Liberty Quarter


As offered as LOT #4469 in the Heritage 2018 January FUN US Coins Signature Auction and described in the catalog below, this is original artwork for a proposed reverse of the Standing Liberty Quarter. a true piece of numismatic history sketched by Hermon MacNeil.

“Paper: 7.5×10 in. Sketch: 5.5 in. dia. Famously displayed in the Eric P. Newman Money Museum, this original Hermon MacNeil sketch of a proposed reverse for the Standing Liberty quarter was salvaged from the sculptor’s studio after his death in 1947 by John A. Coughlin, a neighbor and professional illustrator. Per research by Roger Burdette, who plated this and other MacNeil sketches in Renaissance of American Coinage, 1916-1921 (2005), Coughlin was also the source of MacNeil scrapbooks and related documents that now reside in the Smithsonian Archives in Washington D.C. This sketch was also plated by Don Taxay in The U.S. Mint and Coinage (1966).

This drawing was among those presented to Mint Director Woolley in late March 1916, as a proposed revision of the reverse design for the quarter. It incorporates the olive branches used on the later patterns, but they are shorter here and lack the ribbon ties. E PLURIBUS UNUM is tucked in the field above the eagle’s wings with the other legends around the border. Wingtip feathers protruding downward from the eagle’s body suggest that MacNeil repositioned the far wing partway through the execution of the sketch. Although many elements are individually different, the overall similarity of this design’s layout to the reverse of the Saint-Gaudens double eagle may have contributed to Woolley not choosing it for the quarter. After all, having MacNeil revise his quarter designs after the end of the competition was intended to assure a distinctive appearance for each denomination.

The paper shows minor yellowing and foxing, particularly around three of the edges.
Ex: Hermon MacNeil; John A Coughlin; Eric P. Newman (c. 1960); Eric P. Newman Collection / ANA Signature (Heritage, 8/2016), lot 3820.”


The Actual Design was different than this draft.


Reverse of a circulated 1924 Standing Liberty Quarter


Standing Liberty Quarter – Commemorative SILVER minting of 2016

Jay Cline’s book, Standing Liberty Quarters, 4th Ed., reproduces 35 letters of correspondence involved in the design and minting of that coin. 

Letters between President Wm. Taft, H. A. MacNeil, officials of the US Mint, and the U.S. Treasury, discussing designs and changes from 1915-1917.

MORE on that next time …

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The previous post of June 30 told of the

RE-APPEARANCE of Hermon MacNeil’s 0wn

“Personal 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter” in 2022

While that re-appearance may have surprised the numismatic community,…

to this researcher of MacNeil’s life the disappearance of that original specimen was no surprise .  

In 1907 Jean Stansbury Holden wrote an article on “The Sculptors MacNeil.”  I discovered her article a dozen years ago when I started www.hermonatkinsmacneil.com/

Postcard of MacNeil studio in College Point. From the webmaster’s collection.

Jean Holden traveled to the College Point home and studio of the MacNeils.  She interviewed Hermon and Carol MacNeil as sources for her piece.

Among the many observations, she exposed Squirrel Vector Icons free download in SVG, PNG FormatHermon’s habit of squirreling away” his award medals in a studio drawer.  

When keeps his medals from: Chicago Exposition – 1893; Paris Exposition – 1900;  Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, NY – 1901;  Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St Louis – 1904;  and numerous others …

IN DRAWERS in his studio, and rubs then off some of the tarnish before showing them TRULY without Pretension or POMP.

SO … what is the likelihood that his “Personal 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter” spent 30+ years — probably in that same drawer with those many other award medals?

She captured his unassuming nature as …

a boyish, slender, medium height, with large eyes that meet you with a twinkle …a serious sculptor when working …without pretense of his accomplishments …

“It is said that one morning when the Alban Hills showed white a-top, he stripped off his student blouse, hurried to the summit of the highest hill, filled his lungs with cold air, rolled a snowball, then returned with renewed enthusiasm to dusty Rome and the study of the past.”   P-9409


Unassuming …

without pomp or guile …

What you see is what you get …

The genuine article …

A real human being …

All are qualities beyond any

Medal of Award!


  1. Holden, Jean Stansbury (October 1907). “The Sculptors MacNeil“. The World’s Work: A History of Our Time  XIV: 9403–9419.


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Here is ONE place to go to see sculpture of Hermon A. MacNeil & his students. Located in cities from east to west coast, found indoors and out, public and private, these creations point us toward the history and values that root Americans.

Daniel Neil Leininger ~ HAMacNeil@gmail.com
Hosting & Tech Support: Leiturgia Communications, Inc.           WATCH US GROW


1. Take digital photos of the work from all angles, including setting.
2. Take close up photos of details that you like
3. Look for MacNeil’s signature. Photograph it too! See examples above.
4. Please, include a photo of you & others beside the work.
5. Tell your story of adventure. It adds personal interest.
6. Send photos to ~ Webmaster at: HAMacNeil@gmail.com