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 in MARCH  2024 

The month of March has flown by with NO NEW Postings on this sight! 

That violates my commitment as Webmaster of

https://hermonatkinsmacneil.com/    SO . . .


  1. ~ I have been busy with another MacNeil project.  Namely, writing PART TWO of the summary of Jim Haas’ book: Hermon Atkins MacNeil: American Sculptor in the Broad, Bright Daylight.
  2. ~ Vicki Sanders Corporan, editor of the GALLEY, the official publication of the Clan MacNeil Association of America. published PART ONE in the FALL/WINTER 2023, Issue #67, pp. 20-29.  Those pages are posted HERE:
  3.  ~ I have been conversing with Jim Haas as he continues his MacNeil Research.  He seems to have an inexhaustible motivation to write and research.  What a marvel he is.

~ PART TWO of the summary will appear in the




Page photos and text will be poster here

in coming weeks.

so “PAT” at Patten Gym

Says stay tuned to


“PAT” at Patten Gym of Northwestern University, Evansville, IL


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Today marks the 164th Anniversary of the birth of my Grandfather Thomas A. McNeil born February 29, 1860.

As a Leapster, he was born 41 Actual Birthdays ago.


are born on

Leap Day,

February 29th

Tom McNeil was an older cousin of Hermon Atkins MacNeil

1884 Michigan Wolverines Football Team — Quarterback Tom Henry MacNeil is seated front center holding a ball.


Thomas H. McNeil (February 29, 1860 – October 1, 1932) was an American football player and lawyer. He was the first University of Michigan football player to be the starting quarterback in consecutive years. He led the Michigan football team to undefeated seasons in 1884 and 1885.  

1885 Michigan Wolverines Football Team — Quarterback Tom Henry MacNeil is seated second from the left holding a ball. A rugby style ball was used, but no forward passes were allowed


He later became a lawyer practicing in Missouri.

McNeil was born near Burdette, Bates County, Missouri, in 1860. McNeil attended the University of Michigan where he graduated from the Literary Department in 1885 and the Law Department in 1886. While attending Michigan, he was the starting quarterback for the 1884 and 1885 Michigan Wolverines football teams. He was the first player to be Michigan’s starting quarterback in consecutive years. During his two years at quarterback, Michigan was undefeated. The 1884 team compiled a 2–0 record and outscored its opponents by a combined score of 36 to 10. The center on the 1884, snapping the ball to McNeil, was Henry Killilea, one the five men who founded baseball’s American League. McNeil led the 1885 team to a 3–0 record, with the team outscoring its opponents by a combined score of 82 to 0. During the time when McNeil was Michigan’s starting quarterback, the forward pass was not permitted and the ball (pictured at McNeil’s side in photograph to the right) was round, bearing a stronger resemblance to a rugby ball than a modern American football. After graduating from Michigan, McNeil began practicing law at Kansas City, Missouri. In January 1901, McNeil became a lawyer in the Claims Department of the Kansas City Railways Company, a position he held for more than 21 years. In later years, he was responsible for making accident reports to the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Public Service Commission of Missouri. At the time of his 21st anniversary with the company, the Railwayan noted:

“The life of Tom McNeil has been a success because he has possessed the three necessary qualifications — honest, industry and a vision for the future. His word is as sacred as his signed contract. He is always the first to arrive at his office in the morning and never fails to accomplish a full day’s work. … It is too bad that such men as Tom H. McNeil of such sterling worth and integrity cannot live forever.”

In addition to his legal career, McNeil was a member and leader in the Knights of Pythias, a fraternal organization and secret society founded in 1864. He served as the 30th Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Pythias from 1899 to 1900. He died in 1932.   [SOURCE:  https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/62575584/thomas-henry-mcneil ]


This closes our MacNeil Month Celebration for 2024

Thank you for visiting !


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FEBRUARY  27TH,  1866


His Life,  Story,  Artistry,  Heritage,  Legacy,

and Commemoration of American History

are ALL told here on:


Jo Davidson’s unique tribute bust of his teacher Hermon Atkins MacNeil. [bronze, 1945]

Thank You for your visit!  DNL


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Lady Liberty at the Flushing WWI Monument


Hermon’s  Valentines:

The feminine faces in Hermon MacNeil’s sculptures seem to share a similarity. 

Their features could be said to create an appearance that could be called:

Hermon’s Ideal

What do you think?

Here is a gallery of some images that have appeared on this website since 2010.



MORE  FACES  from  MacNeil’s mind . . .


“Intellectual Development” at Northwestern University, Patten Gymnasium in Evanston, Illinois, 1916.  Nicknamed by students as “Pat.”  Her companion was dubbed “Gym” as in Patten Gym.


“Pat” or “Intellectual Development” holds a scepter bearing the initial “N,” as in Northwestern, with the owl poised for flight in front of Patten Gym.

“Pat” (above) or “Intellectual Development” holds a scepter bearing the initial “N” as in Northwestern, with the owl poised for flight in front of Patten Gym.

Her companion figure: Jim (Gym) “Physical Development” to her right.

“Physical Development” or “Jim,” in front of Patten Gym at Northwestern University.




“Peace & Prosperity” at McKinley Memorial


Lady Liberty: World War Memorial at Flushing, NY


The 2 models for the Standing Liberty Quarter as Cecelia MacNeil published the story after Hermon’s death.

Two women modeled for the Liberty Standing Quarter: Doris Dascher Baum & Irene MacDowell, a neighbor and wife of Hermon’s tennis partner.

MacNeil’s entry to the ‘Pioneer Woman’ memorial at Ponca City, OK.

“Soldiers and Sailors Memorial” at Albany, New York.  The Civil War Monument


Charleston SC figure behind ‘Confederate Defenders’ at Harbor Point.


MacNeil’s “Confederate Defenders” photo signed to Charles Curren by Hermon  in 1931 =

CAROL BROOKS MACNEIL,  Hermon Atkins MacNeil (American, 1866-1947) No Date Bronzed plaster 14.5″ x 8″ x 7.5″ Signed: H. A. MACNEIL. Photo by JOEL ROSENKRANZ 1986 (#5430)


Happy Valentines Day  2024

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Every February  here at


is MacNeil Month


Hermon Atkins MacNeil about the time of his Standing Liberty work.

February 27th, 1866

IS Uncle Hermon Atkins MacNeil’s Birthday is — 158 years ago, and


Thomas (Tom) Henry McNeil (1860 – 1932)


February 29th, 1866 . . .

IS THE Birthday of

My grandfather, Thomas Henry McNeil  who was born on a “Leap Day,”  — February 29th

Now 2024, will mark the  42nd “Leap Day” since Tom Henry McNeil’s birth 164 years ago. 

Review of Webmaster’s Activity

in 2023 (with hot links)

  1. Since MacNeil Month 2023, we have added 32 postings to the website here at hermonatkinsmacneil.com
  2. These have included over 130 photos, many are new
  3. Travelled to Ponca City, Oklahoma, and
  4. Visited the mansion of E. W. Marland there.
  5. Photographed “The Pioneer Woman” entry of Hermon MacNeil.
  6. photographed the entries of other sculptors.
  7. Photographed the Marland Studio there.
  8. Saw Jo Davidson’s marble sculptures of the Marland family.
  9. Purchased the bronze roundet “Black Pipe the Sioux at Six Teen Years”.

    An Example of Hermon MacNeil’s EARLIEST Sculpture …

  10. Jay Cline Postings:   #1 — #4
    1. #4 ~ Jay Cline: Praised by Many after His Passing

    2. #3 Jay CLINE ~ A kind Collector with a Big Heart!

    3. #2: An Evening with Jay H. Cline ~ 2010 ~ Expert on MacNeil’s S.L.Q. ~ Signed His 4th Edition!

    4. #1 ~ Jay H. Cline ~ Loved the Standing Liberty Quarter ~
  11. AND dozens of other updates to this website.

Examples of Hermon MacNeil’s FIRST and LAST Sculpture …

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“The  GALLEY”  has  arrived.


President Kenny McNeil on GALLEY #67 cover

MacNeil Clan Members world-wide are receiving the newest issue of  The GALLEY in their mail.

Pages 20-29 contain a ten page Feature Article on the Hermon MacNeil Biography.

This is the 1st-half of my summary of Jim Haas’ biography of Hermon MacNeil.  The 2nd-half will appear in the SPRING/SUMMER 2024 issue (#68).  

  Photos of his early life have been gathered.


Part Two of my summary will be

featured in the forthcoming Spring/Summer volume. 

The GALLEY subscription is included in the $40  annual membership in the Clan MacNeil. (or in the auto-renewal membership)


Kinship in the MacNeil Family is not required for membership OR receiving


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  5. Hermon MacNeil’s bronze bust of Evangelist Dwight L. Moody (1920) ~ “We Found It, Uncle Hermon!” (6.6)   At age 78 Hermon MacNeil wrote an autobiographical sketch…
  6. February 27, 2021 – We”ll Unveil the Newly Discovered Portrait Bust of Hermon A. MacNeil by Jo Davidson on Hermon’s Birthday (6.6) ~~ MacNeil Month – February 27, 2021 ~~ FIFTH Story…

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Here is ONE place to go to see sculpture of Hermon A. MacNeil & his students. Located in cities from east to west coast, found indoors and out, public and private, these creations point us toward the history and values that root Americans.

Daniel Neil Leininger ~ HAMacNeil@gmail.com
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1. Take digital photos of the work from all angles, including setting.
2. Take close up photos of details that you like
3. Look for MacNeil’s signature. Photograph it too! See examples above.
4. Please, include a photo of you & others beside the work.
5. Tell your story of adventure. It adds personal interest.
6. Send photos to ~ Webmaster at: HAMacNeil@gmail.com