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MacNeil’s Standing Liberty

J. H. Cline (19, Author/Expert ~ Standing Liberty Quarter

The American Numismatic Association met in Boston in 2010.

A private Dinner with

Jay H. Cline

would be the best dream for any SLQ collector.

Well, that dream became a real blessing for my nephew, Donald S. Becker of Bangor, Maine, a Project Engineer there with Haley Ward, Inc.  Don remembers that event this way:

Don Becker, PE,  Project Engineer with Haley Ward in Bangor, ME

“It was the American Numismatic Association meeting in Boston for the first time since 1982.  Jay told me I should come as it was the best coin show event there is.  He was always willing to visit by email and talk about coins and Hermon MacNeil.  … “

“I had already contacted him to let him know how much I enjoyed the chapter [on Hermon] in the book and he wanted to discuss anything I knew about Hermon and anything about artistic talent in the Leininger, McNeil family.”

By email Don had found out that Jay Cline would be there.  So, Don offered to buy Jay dinner if  “he meet me to sign my book.”  Don remembered that evening:

“We had dinner at Abe & Louie’s on 793 Boylston Street…. The restaurant is still there … and is a very nice venue.”

Front Door of Abe & Louie’s where Jay Cline and Don met.


Dining Room at Abe & Louie’s Restaurant, Boston, Mass.

I used to receive Cline’s price list on SLQ quarters which was his specialty.

It was a enjoyable dinner and…

he signed my copy of his book.

Jay Cline signed: “To Donald. Best Wishes. J. H. Cline. A.N.A. Boston. 8/13/10  ~~ THANKS FOR DINNER IT WAS GREAT !”

It was something I thought would be neat to do.

The national coin show was very large and dramatic.

Don continued his comments:

Don Becker Collected his first Standing Liberty Quarter in his teens, like Jay Cline did.

“Abe & Louie’s is located near the  Hynes Convention Center, on Boylston Street, in Boston.The original founders retired when it was still part of the Backbay Restaurant Group.Yet the restaurant is still there.  … It is a very nice restaurant.

[Owned now by Tavistock Restaurant Collection]

On April 15, 2013 the second blast site of the Boston Marathon Bombing was just a few buildings away.”


Boston’s Commonwealth Street ~ Yellow Circle marks Abe & Louie’s ~ Finish line of Marathon.   Retrieved from https://abeandlouies.com/ on 6-9-2023    “I went as it was a national coin exhibition annual event somewhere close I could attend and included large US gold coin exhibition I wanted to see.”

~. ~.  ~.  ~.  ~.  ~.  ~. 

Bonus Images from Don:

Projects for Haley Ward in the Maine woods:

Don added two photos from his recent projects at Katahdin Woods and Water National Monument Visitors Contact Station projects.

Click link for MORE ~ Katahdin Woods and Waters Scenic Byway, National Park Service

A Trail created through Katahdin Woods

Water National Monument Visitors Contact Station project in T3 R7 WELS

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